Hot Mess ft. Lex Famous-Benson (yolandabecool remix)

Just under a month ago, Austrailian producer and owner of Say Wat Records, Benson! revealed his latest deep house track, ‘Hot Mess’ featuring vocals from singer Lex Famous. Infused with poppy synths and a throbbing bassline, the track comes accompanied with remixes from Dem Dolla, Jad & the Ladyboy, and Austrailian duo yolandabecool. Fulfilling their reputation to keep it funky, YBC provides us with an island infused remix layering Lex’s vocals on top of a tropical vibe complete with soft synths and lush chords . With tropical house gaining more attention in the electronic dance world, it’s no surprise yolandabecool took on the difficult task of transforming this already funky track.