Flight of the Conchords

Top 5 Musical Comedians

  Music and song writing in its self is an art form attempted by many and perfected by a select few. You can argue that rap and hip-hop are hardly… Read more

We Saw: Fall Out Boy

  Fall Out Boy: crying boys for angsting girls Despite fangirls crowding the venue at 8 a.m. and the line stretching completely over the Tempe Town Lake bridge in the… Read more

Daptone Records – The Soul Revival

There has been a rebirth in music, a rebirth that cannot be ignored, bringing about a familiar feeling of a pure urge to let loose and get down. We are… Read more

Coachella 2013 Rumors

Coachella has put some serious brakes on announcing their 2013 line-up, and speculations have been running wild. Here are some of the most realistic sounding rumor’s we’ve heard and looked… Read more

Top 5: Most American Songs to Have Ever ...

  Breathe a sigh of relief that the election is over, sadly Matt Romney and Rob Paul did not win, but rest assured, we now have more time to watch diet pill commercials and… Read more

Pitchfork Paris is Streaming Live

Pitchfork Paris is about to begin their three day festival featuring a drool-worthy line up, and lucky for you, they will be streaming the entire event on their website. Jeudi… Read more

Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d ...

It’s very seldom that an artist’s debut album has feverish hype surrounding it, exceedingly rare when the artist in question actually delivers on those impossible expectations. Kendrick Lamar enjoyed the… Read more

Idiots Film Music Video During Hurricane ...

A video surfaced today of some kids from Rockaway Beach, New York who decided to film a “music video” during the massive storm. Clearly identifying themselves as idiots, the duo… Read more

Fun Fun Fun Fest Pre-Game: Our Favorite ...

1. David Cross – The Best of Tobias Funke One of the Funniest dudes around right now, if you haven’t seen Arrested Development, I sincerely feel sorry for you, here’s… Read more

2012 Drop Schedule

  October Oct-30-12 Andrew Bird – Hands of Glory Mom + Pop Oct-30-12 Black Marble – A Different Arrangement Hardly Art Oct-30-12 Chad Valley – Young Hunger Cascine Oct-30-12 Daphni… Read more