neutral milk hotel reunion tour

Neutral Milk Hotel Reunion Tour

News broke earlier this week a Neutral Milk Hotel Reunion Tour is officially happening in 2013. The original lineup featuring Jeff Mangum, Scott Spillane, Jeremy Barnes and Julian Koster have… Read more

Ghost in Tucson Review

We Saw: Ghost B.C.

Few things tug at my heart strings more than a mass chanting of lyrics like “six six six, receive the beast” by a sea of smelly men and women in… Read more

hard summer 2013 lineup

HARD Summer 2013 Lineup

We were more than a little excited to see the HARD Summer 2013 Lineup released yesterday, featuring some of the biggest names in EDM right now. The annual festival held… Read more

phish summer tour 2013

Phish Summer Tour 2013

Phish has officially announced the dates for their summer 2013 tour. With only 25 cities on the list, one of the most iconic jam bands since The Grateful Dead will… Read more

Primavera Sound 2013 Lineup

Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona ...

One ticket to Spain, please!

Give me a Break: Coachella Releases Weird ...

Coachella decided to drop this cryptic video bomb today instead of releasing the lineup for the 2013 festival. Last year they revealed the bands playing on January 9th, so they’re… Read more

Coachella 2013 Rumors

Coachella has put some serious brakes on announcing their 2013 line-up, and speculations have been running wild. Here are some of the most realistic sounding rumor’s we’ve heard and looked… Read more

Captain Murphy’s Secret Identity ...

Surprise! It’s none other than Steven Ellison a.k.a. Flying Lotus! 

Fun Fun Fun Fest Pre-Game: Our Favorite ...

1. David Cross – The Best of Tobias Funke One of the Funniest dudes around right now, if you haven’t seen Arrested Development, I sincerely feel sorry for you, here’s… Read more

Upcoming Shows

What shows are we most excited about in 2012? Here’s a rundown on the biggest shows happening now.   Christopher Owens Owens shocked the music world when he announced he… Read more