HARD Summer 2014 Lineup Announced (Round 1)

HARD Summer 2014 Lineup Announced

Earlier this morning, Gary Richards aka Destructo began posting clues about the HARD Summer 2014 lineup. After heading over to hardsummer.com, we found nine boxes with spinning question marks.

HARD Summer 2014 Lineup

We’re not sure if all the artists are going to be announced today or as the week continues, but stay tuned! This is going to be big!

UPDATE: Cashmere Cat has been the first artist to fill one of these boxes.

Cashmere Cat HARD Summer 2014

Norwegian musician/producer Cashmere Cat will be making his second appearance at HARD Summer in 2014, and has already been added to multiple festivals across the globe this summer.

Cashmere Cat

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UPDATE: Shiba San has been added to the lineup (4/3/14)

HARD Summer 2014 Lineup Shiba San

A member of the Dirtybird players, Shiba San will be bring some SUPER deep house to this year’s HARD Summer. With a combination of hip hop influences and ghetto house, Shiba San is definitely an interesting addition to the HARD Summer 2014 lineup.

Shiba San

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UPDATE: Seth Troxler has now been added to the HARD Summer 2014 lineup (4/4/14)

Seth Troxler HARD Summer 2014

Some think he’s an alien, some people think he’s God’s gift to techno, but everyone knows that Seth Troxler is one of the dopest DJ/Producers of the last few years. Having played in venues across the entire globe (and universe?) Seth Troxler will be bringing his funky/deep/weird-as-fuck styling to this year’s HARD Summer. AND, he is the first artist to release a mixtape for this year’s festival:

Seth Troxler

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UPDATE: DJ Snake has been added to the lineup! (4/7/14)

HARD Summer 2014 Lineup

Parisian producer DJ Snake has been making incredibly huge waves this year with collaborations with Dillon Francis, Mercer, and Diplo, and had one of the best sets of Ultra 2014 in Miami. DJ Snake has been blowing up the mainstream media with his tracks “Bird Machine” featuring Alesia and “Turn Down For What” with Lil Jon.

DJ Snake

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UPDATE: Julio Bashmore has been added to the HARD Summer 2014 lineup

HARD Summer 2014 Lineup tickets

Born and raised in one of the original birth places of bass music, Bristol-native Julio Bashmore has been making music that would eventually lead him to releasing on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird label since 2009. Since then, Julio has been mixing live all across the world, becoming as influential as the VonStroke himself.

Julio Bashmore

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UPDATE: The Chainsmokers are not performing at HARD Summer 2014! (4/9/14)

HARD Summer 2014 Lineup

After years of producing and touring the globe, The Chainsmokers have found recent success with chart-topping track “#Selfie,” along with other remixes and an awesome Ultra 2014 set. The New York duo is definitely one of the biggest acts HARD Summer will be hosting this year, and we’re excited to see how they are integrated with the rest of the somewhat “underground”artists.

The Chainsmokers

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UPDATE: Rustie is now part of the HARD Summer 2014 fam! (4/10/14)

Rustie Hard Summer 2014 Lineup

Best known for his tracks “Slasherr,” and his most recent collaboration with Danny Brown, “Side B (Dope Song),” Glasgow producer Rustie is by far and away one of the most underrated DJ/producers of our time. Inspiring artists like Cashmere Cat and Wave Racer, Rustie will bring his unique and emotional set filled with everything from wonky to hip hop to HARD Summer this year. This will be an act you do not want to miss!


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UPDATE: Pusha T has been added to the lineup! WHAT!? (4/11/14)

HARD Summer 2014

Just when you thought this announcement couldn’t get any crazier, Pusha T gets added into the mix. Keeping up with their history of being a diverse music festival, HARD Presents adds one of hip hops biggest artists to this year’s show. Recently on tour with 2 Chainz (who appeared at HARD Summer last year), Pusha T has been killing the game with his newest album “My Name Is My Name” featuring artsist like Kanye West, Pharrell, and Swizz Beatz on the prodcution team.

Pusha T

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UPDATE: Six more question boxes and J. PHLIP have been added to the HARD Summer 2014 lineup announcement.

J. Phlip Hard Summer 2014

One of the original members of Dirtybird Records and by far one of the hippest producer/DJs on planet Earth, J. Phlip, will be playing at this summer’s biggest festival. With a quiet and shy off-stage persona juxtaposed by a heavy hitting live set, J. Phlip is definitely going to be one of the coolest acts to catch at this year’s HARD Summer.

J. Phlip

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UPDATE: Wave Racer will be making his first HARD appearance this summer!

Wave Racer HARD Summer 2014

Time to bring some Fofofadi to Los Angeles! Wave Racer, who has been added to the Mad Decent Block Party and Mad Decent Boat Party has been having an insane past few months, needless to say. This young Australian talent is a rising star with his signature “Fofofadi,” Jersey Club style that is sure to blow minds at this year’s HARD Summer.

Wave Racer

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UPDATE: DJ SLiiNK added to HARD Summer 2014 lineup (4/16/14)

DJ Slink Hard Summer 2014

One of the most creative and influential producers in the Jersey Club/Baltimore Club scene, DJ SLiiNK has officially been added to the HARD Summer 2014 lineup. Best known for his remixes of Kanye West, Major Lazer, Dog Blood, as well as his most recent collaboration with Flosstradamus, DJ SLiiNK is a young gun that will definitely be on our do-not-miss list this summer!


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UPDATE: Jack Beats returns to HARD Summer! (4/17/14)

Jack Beats Hard Summer 2014

No strangers to HARD, Jack Beats will return to this summer’s festivities. Also known as Niall Dailly and Ben Geffin, Jack Beats is known for their unique sound that marries deep house club favorites with bizarre guttural wobbles. Having toured around the entire world, JB has also released records on monster labels like OWSLA, Fools Gold, and Mad Decent. You can catch them on tour right now.

Jack Beats

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UPDATE: Sub Focus has been added to the first round of the HARD Summer 2014 lineup announcement. The page also got rid of extra “?” gifs, so I’m assuming this will be the last announcement until the full lineup is released. (4/18/14)

Sub Focus HARD Summer 2014

The lineup for HARD Summer 2014 continues to diversify as Drum n’ Bass legend Sub Focus joins the fam. London-native Sub Focus is known around the world as one of the biggest and most influential artists in the realm of DnB music. One of the hardest working producers in the biz, Sub Focus will surely bring his cult following to the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area for what is stacking up to be one of the coolest HARD Summers I’ve ever been to.

Sub Focus

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