What are the Major Differences Between a Touring Car and a Road Car?

Since the 2019 British Touring Car Championship is coming up in October. So, what are the differences between the touring cars participating in the championship compared to road cars that we use every single day?

Touring Cars

It is no surprise that touring cars go faster than most cars. The top speed of a touring is 150 miles per hour. Since these cars need to go fast, they also need to be light. This means the inside of the car is usually stripped and left pretty much just a steering wheel setup, with the car weighing in at around 1280 kg. The interior of touring cars are not focused on comfort, but on performance. When it comes to the engine, it has the same 2.0 liter engine as a road car, but can generate more power with a 360 + BHP racing engine. A touring car also comes with a 6-speed sequential shift mode which moves the gears at top speed without the need of a clutch. Just like the interior, the main goals of the wheels is for performance, so most touring cars come with specified rim stock center lock wheels.

Road Cars

When it comes to road cars, things are a little different. The top speed of most road cards are only about 112 miles per hour and are much heavier weighing in at 1735 kg. The engine of a road car is built for safety and comfort, with a 2.0 liter engine and only 180 BHP. Road cars come with a 6-speed manual, which is a much greater improvement than a 5-speed. The interiors of road cars are much fancier and are usually the focus of most of these road cars. Road cars come with very comfortable and stylish interiors which include a navigation system, Bluetooth system and heated seats. Tires on road cars are focused more on fuel economy and safety, so these cars are going to drive much differently than touring cars.

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