Creative proposal ideas during Covid-19:

Over the last year, Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns have caused a slew of issues. Celebrating life’s important moments no longer looks like it did too.

Unfortunately, many couples have had to cancel their weddings or postpone them until a more convenient, safer date becomes available. Despite the fact that many of us have been forced to stay at home for the benefit of the community, the lockdowns have not dampened the romance. 

Couples were engaged in record numbers last year, and there are numerous inventive methods to ensure that you and your loved one still experience that wonderful moment!

Here are some innovative proposal ideas to get you started if you’re considering a proposal under lockdown.

  1. Breakfast in bed

This might be the ideal opportunity to channel your internal chef! Breakfast in bed may seem like a simple concept, but it is certain to make your lover feel cherished. 

Make a heart-shaped waffle and dish it with berries, with the engagement ring placed anywhere on the platter. Your soon-to-be fiancé will appreciate your hard work and inventiveness (plus, perhaps, the food!).

  1. Create a holiday at home

If your romantic journey with your sweetheart is cancelled, you may build a proposal spot at home rather! Set the tone for your vacation by preparing a meal or ordering some stuff for her from the place you’re meant to visit. Play acoustic music from that location or a slideshow of popular tourist attractions. 

Then, to be more imaginative in proposing, learn to say “Will You Marry Me?” in the language of the country, you wanted to visit.

  1. Propose with your pet

Pets are increasingly considered members of the family. You may add your furry buddy to your marriage proposal if you are a proud pet owner. 

You may connect the ring to your dog’s or cat’s neck, or you can purchase a personalised tag with the words “Will You Marry Me?” on it. You may also go above and above by ordering a bespoke t-shirt with your message or a tuxedo for your pet. If your pet is well-trained, it can deliver the ring box to your lover.

  1. Rooftop proposal

Rooftop proposals are still popular among many people. So, if your building has a rooftop, this is a fantastic chance to make use of the area. Establish a sensual table for two, bring a speaker to play music, and beautify the area. Another alternative is to have a rooftop fun time and enjoy the great weather.

  1. Romantic room makeover

Transform your flat into an event space to knock your spouse off their feet. Make as much space as possible by rearranging the furnishings. 

Arrange candles, rose petals, and string lights about the space. Hang your printed images from the ceiling with balloons. The banner “Will You Marry Me?” can then be hung on the wall. You may also create a lovely movie montage of all your romantic photographs. Don’t forget the wine and roses to toast the occasion!

By Amanda

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