Email marketing: what is it? How does it work? Why is it so important?

In any advertising campaign, a set of techniques and strategies must be applied in order to achieve the best promotion and dissemination of the brand or product to be promoted. There are many tools, but there is one that is never missing because of the extraordinary advantages and benefits they provide, it is email marketing; let’s see how it works and why it should always be taken into account.

Digital marketing has a wide range of resources that help companies that use them to improve their positioning on the Internet and in the popular taste. There is a wide variety of tools that are used in different ways, at different costs and with different scopes; their use depends on what is needed and the characteristics of each client.

However, there is one strategy that, in addition to being the primordial technique of digital marketing (which was born practically with the Internet), is the most widely used for all the benefits it offers and for adapting perfectly to any kind of campaign and company. It is email marketing, the tool that is never missing in any web advertising plan.

Mass emailing, or email marketing, as it is technically known in the world of online advertising, is the transmission of emails through the corresponding web platforms with the purpose of persuading or convincing potential customers about the purchase of a good or service or the development of some induced action.

It can be used for different purposes and in different ways: to sell a product, promote a service, attract subscribers to a blog, conduct surveys and even to promote political campaigns. It is a very versatile tool that delivers excellent results.

How does email marketing work?

To understand how this digital marketing tool works, you must first understand that its fundamental objective is to create more awareness, trust, satisfaction, commitment and customer loyalty, which seeks to promote a better relationship between the brand and its audience. 

Email marketing is used in a very simple way, you only need to have a database with the email addresses of potential customers to whom you want to send an advertising message or a complete email with the corresponding information.

The mails sent must have a clear intention and must be developed correctly in order to capture the attention of the prospects and try to convert them into customers.It is at this point when you have to think about the support of companies, agencies and specialized software. This way you can optimize your efforts and obtain better results, since professional treatment is always a great help.

When you have the support of a company specialized in email marketing, which can provide the appropriate technological and operational support for the development of a successful campaign, you can be sure that everything you do will be properly oriented so that you can achieve your goals.

What services do email marketing agencies provide?

A good digital marketing company that specializes in email advertising can support you in many ways, including the following:

Specialized computer systems: there is software developed especially for the treatment of email advertising campaigns, which offer a wide variety of services that help to improve the reach and results of marketing plans.

Among the functions they perform are the drafting of subjects and contents of emails, with the support of practical templates, automation of mailings, segmentation of audiences, personalization of messages, monitoring of results and many more that, undoubtedly, significantly enhance this extraordinary resource.

It also includes the creation of corporate accounts with personalized domains, which give a more professional image to the company that uses this service.

Personalized advice: email marketing campaigns do not have to be the same; on the contrary, they should be designed according to the characteristics and needs of each client. Specialized agencies know this very well and that is why they are very attentive to develop appropriate marketing strategies.

Saving resources: email marketing is one of the most economical advertising tools on the market, but if it is not used properly, any resources invested will be lost, and not only from an economic point of view, but also in terms of time and effort.

With the support of the resources provided by email marketing companies, you can optimize the resources invested to the maximum with a better return on investment, that is a great advantage of having professional support.

Why work with email marketing?

First, we must mention that one of the main reasons why mass emailing is one of the most used web tools, is due to the fact that it is a channel that generates very good results compared to the costs that are usually spent while following different marketing routes.

In addition, it is a great influencer in the purchasing decision of customers, as it establishes a direct means of communication in which the company sending the mailing can inform almost upfront about everything the prospect needs in order to make a decision. It is a perfect channel of interaction that generates greater trust and confidence in the prospective customer.

On the other hand, it improves the perception of the brand and the satisfaction of the customer, who can become loyal depending on the attention given. That is why it is important not only to send a good email, but also to follow up on it and provide timely responses as soon as the recipient of the email has made a statement and communicated with the sender of the message.

A good email and a proper treatment of the advertising strategy will always generate sales, it is a proven fact that you have to know how to use it to get the best results. Statistics do not lie, for example, a study by SaleCycle, showed that email marketing has a clear influence on 59% of the purchase decisions made by its users.

It also indicates that more than 50% of recipients make purchases directly through email marketing at least once a month. These are conclusive figures that indicate categorically why email marketing is the best alternative to take in the design of your advertising campaign.