Inspiration for Unconventional Birthday Parties

Did you know that you don’t have to be a kid to have a pajama party? Likewise, you don’t have to be a toddler to have an unconventional birthday party. Life is about having fun and living to the fullest, and your bash day doesn’t have to be the exception. Take the opportunity to have the best birthday yet by planning a party that will live in your memories for ages (while simultaneously forgetting your age).

Continue reading below for some extra unconventional birthday party themes you and your friends will love.

Mechanical Bull Riding … at Home!


When it comes to birthday parties, mechanical bull riding is at the top of the list. However, did you know that you can rent one and use it in your own home for your super crazy birthday bash? With the global situation, you don’t even have to go to a bar to ride one. If you Google search “mechanical bull rental Long Island, NY,” you will find that you can rent it directly from Clowns4Kids so you can invite your friends to have the time of your lives. How cool is that?

Plant-Parent-Themed Birthday Bash

If you’re a plant lover and identify as a plant-parent, then this party is just for you. Imagine a birthday party where you’re surrounded by your leafy loved ones … and your friends and family. Picture it: monstera-themed cake, money tree shaped decorations, and a string of tears hanging from your walls and ceiling instead of streamers. Also, since your friends know you’re a plant lover, you’ll likely receive potted plant gifts from Lively Roots delivered straight to your door to add to your garden collection.

Netflix and Party


Moreover, if you’re into all the latest and most popular TV series or movies, then you should throw a Netflix birthday party. You can invite your friends to watch your favorite shows and cosplay as the characters in them. You can create games, cocktails or mocktails, and appetizers based on the shows to dive into the Netflix experience fully. This theme will have you and your friends laughing throughout the night.

DIY Night

To have an even more creative birthday, you host a DIY-themed party and have your friends make your favorite arts and crafts. You can even start a tradition and begin a new hobby with them, which you’ll only do whenever you’re together in a group. This could be anything from knitting, cooking, painting, stained glass, and any other imaginable DIY activity you can think of. This is a great way to have a chill birthday party and catch up with friends while enjoying a glass of wine and lots of laughs.

Christmas in July


If you love Christmas but your birthday is during the summer, you can celebrate it in the spirit of Christmas in July. This is when you do traditional Christmas activities while the weather is still nice and scorching outside. You can drop a gift exchange with your friends or a Secret Santa type of game. You can bake Christmas cookies, decorate a fake Christmas tree with summer themed ornaments, and even make your own advent calendar for the duration of the party.

Neon Dreams

Lastly, you can relive your teenage years and throw a neon party with glow sticks, neon clothes, UV black lights, rave music, and even fog and lasers. You can make it an overnight party so you can enjoy the sunrise with your friends and reminisce on the good years you’ve lived so far. Neon parties can be a lot of fun if you have a large group of friends that can hype you up as you enjoy the night of the year.

Take a stab at these party themes for an unforgettable birthday.

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