5 Business Ideas for the Self-Starter

Few would argue that running a small business is easy. Actually making a profit off of a small business requires a comprehensive plan and the ambition to succeed — but even these qualities are insufficient by themselves if you want to lead a fulfilling career. Finding a business plan that suits your interests while also providing a rewarding career for you and people you work with is a difficult proposition, but it is one worth pursuing. If you are looking for a business idea that requires the personality of a self-starter, here are a few that you might find worthwhile.

Home Call Center

Many tech companies are more than willing to outsource call center jobs to people who are willing to work at home. Working from a home call center often requires you to have a few different specialized pieces of software in addition to a basic home office setup. Specifically, you will probably need a “voice over IP” application in addition to programs specific to the kind of tech support you are providing like IT Service Management software. A home call center can be lucrative and beneficial for your lifestyle, but it’s important to have the right resources to have a successful business.

Buy a Franchise

Running a franchise has its own challenges, but it comes with some benefits as well. There is a certain amount of brand recognition that comes with owning and operating a franchise, and you have more data, revenue, and operational history to work with when it comes to how that particular business should function. There is a wide variety of businesses that have been franchised out, and it can include anything from food service to UPS mail delivery, so you might be interested in browsing franchises for sale if you have the startup capital for it.


There is something to be said for being able to make a living while working a job that has obvious practical value. Many people practice woodworking as a hobby, but if you plan on making money off of your hobby, you may as well treat it like a full-fledged business since the law makes few, if any, distinctions between the two. The requirements for starting a woodworking business are much the same as for starting any other business. Woodworking is a multifaceted industry, so do the research and find what works best for you and your passions.

Bicycle Repair

Bicycles never really go out of style, and they have a wide audience to cater to. People who want to lose weight, have fun, take cycling extremely seriously, or just want to cut costs on their daily commute will all find bicycles an attractive investment. Many dedicated cycling enthusiasts are also likely to be attending events like triathlons, and sponsoring such events is likely to help you find your audience. If you love cycling and understand the ins and outs of bicycle repair, this could be a great career for you.

Used Bookstore

Even though books may have become less popular since the release of tablets, there are still many avid readers who are interested in reading a good book. Used books sell cheaply, but there is also a large supply of them and they can be bought at wholesale prices off of the internet or purchased from walk-in customers. The downside, of course, is that you will need to stock a large number of books to get your bookstore to work. But if you’re willing to put in the time and resources, owning a used bookstore can be massively fulfilling.

No two businesses are exactly the same, even within the same industry, but if you find that your first business is less satisfying to run than you had hoped, then you might find success in another industry if you want to own your own store. Failed businesses are, unfortunately, more common than successful ones, but this should not deter you if business management is your passion. Failure is, after all, the best teacher.

By Sam

Sam Lowy is a writer, actor, comedian, musician, and everything in between. A true jack of all trades, Sam is constantly striving to learn and grow. Whether it's for a festival or just a once-in-a-lifetime club show, Sam loves to travel across the country to catch the best artists around. When he's at home in Tempe, AZ, Sam enjoys reading, playing guitar, and watching Frasier, Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.