Get Rich? This Self-Made Millionaire gives his top 3 tips

Ramit SethiNew York Times best selling author and founder, Ramit Sethi

We all want to be rich don’t we? Beyond being able to afford things we see in TV and movies! Even if we’re not the next youtube or Instagram star, we’ll still may need money for practical things such as

  • college for kids
  • down payment for a new home
  • a new car
  • retirement

But many of us have no idea how we would ever achieve that. Is it possible for regular people like us? What is the pathway to success? features a short video of tips with self-made millionare Ramith Sethi.

“There’s a limit to how much you can cut, but there is no limit to how much you can earn,” Sethi says.

He points out that the national median home price is roughly $245,000, which would require a down payment of about $50,000, along with the likely subsequent mortgage payments.

Rami Sethi is a best selling author and founder of  He offers a paid program on his web site to lead people on the pathway to success. How good is it? We’re not sure but we do know he’s been featured on major media outlets such as CNN, The Wallstreet Journal, PBS, and more. At the men

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