5 Types of Business Sign to Get You Noticed

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

If you want to run a prosperous and affluent business that entice consumers and drive sales, then, more often than not, you need to make people know that you exist. And that, for the most part, starts or begins with business signs.

An excellently designed signage is an effective and easy way to generate foot traffic and be in touch with your consumers or audience. But if done poorly or wrongly, a business sign can cause confusion and overstimulation.

Why do signages play huge roles in businesses? Well, just like the sales copy of your e-commerce store must be attention-grabbing and concise, your signage must be useful and clear as well. Signages are your silent salesperson and can become the highest-selling and most-effective salespeople. For more information, here are five types of signages that will get you noticed. Read on!

Outdoor Signage

In every business, outdoor signs are, for the most part, the most essential element in a physical store. Why? Well, because it is what gets people to come to your shop. Also, it is what helps you, as a business, establish a relationship with a potential consumer.

An outdoor sign is, more often than not, the first impression people will have of your store. Moreover, exterior signages need to do much more than merely announcing who you are. By that we mean, these signs need to attract consumers and make them want to buy or purchase something from you.

An effective outdoor sign might inspire and motivate customers, especially those who have passed by your shop a lot of times before giving it a chance and crossing your threshold. Exterior sign can take, more often than not, the form of window signs, awnings, entrance signs, or sidewalk signs.

As much as possible, affix or mount signage where it’s perceivable and visible to drive-by and walk-by traffic. Furthermore, outdoor signs must be effectively branded to draw in customers and help to project the experience that they can look forward to inside the shop. If you don’t have one, you can contact any signage maker, for example, shieldcoart.com to help you out.


You might be astounded or shocked that mats can, for the most part, also be utilized as signs. However, these signs are, in fact, the most multifaceted and all-around signage of all. Mats serve as informational, promotional, safety, and cleanliness purposes.

For branding purposes, you might need to use mats, or showcase something as straightforward as the logo of your company. Mats can be applied as directional signs within the shop, especially in places where mounting a sign isn’t feasible, or to guide customers to a product sale.

Moreover, mats keep shops much cleaner during unpleasantly cold weather. Finally, mats alleviate the stress or tension employees impose.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant Signage

Making people feel appreciated and welcomed means all kinds of people. There is no exception. Providing ease of access to your shop by way of elevators, fitting rooms, cashier stations, restrooms, entrances, exits, and parking will, for the most part, make disabled customers’ experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

If the location of your store offers such features but does not make them recognizable, then you are indeed doing a serious disservice to your customers. With that said, you should mount appropriate signage letting people know which is which.

Persuasive Signs

Persuasive signs affect the behavior of a consumer by convincing attractive imagery or language. Such signages can promote a certain product or item. Persuasive signages can affect customer flow and boost, enhance interactivity with unnoticed items.

Signages that display a specific type of product promotion provide a chance for retailers or business owners to convey details or info about featured and seasonal products. Using such signs enables brands to be in touch with their customers effectively.

Persuasive signages can turn an ordinary item into a hidden gem. Furthermore, effective persuasive signs can create higher value for items, improve sales, and increase brand awareness.

Informational Signs

This type of signage is also known as wayfinding, organizational, directional, or departmental signage. Such signages help customers maneuver your store a lot easier. The more uncomplicated it is for an individual to look for a product, the more likely they’re to depend on that ease of access in the future.

An informational sign is straightforward and easy to understand: it tells people where to go. All kinds of directional signs must be easy to read and concise so that patrons can perceive the message easily. To best achieve this goal or aim, consider using bold, large fonts in visible color schemes.


Whatever type of signage you include in your store, there are a few practices that you should take into consideration. First, you should be specific. Second, keep it simple. Third, write in headline text. And lastly, create a call to action.


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