Guide to Matched Betting

Are you new to matched betting? You might need some helpful tips, especially learning the terminology.

Two Things to Know

There are two basic things you should know about matched betting, what is a back bet and what is a lay bet.

A back bet is a bet for a certain outcome to come true. For example, you might bet that England will win the match. If what you bet does comes true, you will win the bet. But if it doesn’t come true, you will lose.

A lay bet is when you are betting against a certain outcome. For example, England will not win the match. This means if England does lose, then you win the bet!

What are the Risks of Matched Betting?

Anyone can participate in matched betting and luckily, most of the time the risk is pretty low. Matched betting can come with a big profit, but a small loss. But when you make silly mistakes, then the risks come into play. Always be extra careful, always double check what you are doing, follow all of the steps and never rush, just take your time.

Making a Profit

Yes, you can definitely make a profit off of matched betting. In fact, you could make up to 95 percent profit off of each matched bet and currently these profits are tax free! It is easy to do to get started. Just sign up, use decimal odds, find a bet, then place a bet. Afterwards, just claim your free bet, then find a new place for a new bet. Then, you will receive your profit!

By Sam

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