6 Home Upgrades to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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The bathroom may be the least luxurious area in the house, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave it to get old and dull. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, the state of your bathroom can either add or diminish the value of your property. That’s why it’s critical to keep it in good condition.


Moreover, as the homeowner, you deserve to live in a pleasant and orderly environment. That said, sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are affordable ways to do that. Read on to know how.


Repaint Your Walls


Are you tired of looking at the same old white walls? Why not give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint for an instant makeover? Be bold and brave, and choose colors you’ve never used before, like plum, copper, or rustic olive. An all-white bathroom can look too much like a hospital. Adding colors can make the usually cold space feel warm and inviting.


You can also use wallpapers with fun and eye-catching patterns to add character and excitement to your walls. Repainting or using wallpaper requires minimal cost and effort but creates a significant impact in upgrading your bathroom.


Need some inspiration? Check these stunning bathroom-wall ideas.


Refurbish Your Cabinets


Walls aren’t the only ones that start to get old over time. Cabinets and drawers, especially those made of wood, wear out over the years. Considering the abundance of heat and humidity in the bathroom, the deterioration may progress faster.


You can also repaint or repolish your bathroom furniture with a color or colors that complement your new wall paint. Next, you give the knobs and handles a good polish or replace them altogether so they can look brand-new again.


Update Your Lighting


Good lighting can do marvels to the appearance of your bathroom. But one overhead lighting is hardly enough to create the perfect lighting conditions in the bathroom or in any room. It takes the combination of ambient, accent, and task lighting to accomplish such a feat.


Upgrade the lighting in your bathroom by installing sconces, pendant, or track lighting to supplement the overhead lights. The prime spot for such lighting fixtures is usually by the mirror, on either side or above. Using the three types of lighting avoids casting unflattering shadows and provides a full-bodied illumination of the room.


Don’t Miss Grouting and Caulking


Grout and caulk are often overlooked, but they’re vital in keeping your bathroom looking fresh and clean. Over time, dirt and grime can penetrate the grouts of your tiles, as tiles are typically made of porous materials, and they start to turn an unsightly black color. Clean the grouts thoroughly first before sealing the gaps and cracks and recaulking.


Update Your Fixtures


Old faucets and showerheads are not only unsightly, but they’re also big water wasters. Replace your old fixtures with shiny, water-efficient ones. You can save gallons of water and hundreds of dollars this way. Not to mention, you get to do something for the environment.


Recently, the brass and gold fixtures are coming back. You can try this trend for a classic and luxurious-looking bathroom.


Upgrade Your Toilet


Stop using your old and inefficient toilet; consider upgrading to a water-saving macerating upflush toilet to get more savings and prevent toilet clogs. Old toilets use about 4 to 7 gallons of water per flush. That’s a lot of water wasted in a single flush.


On the other hand, low-flush toilets only consume about 1 to 1.3 gallons. This translates into tens to hundreds of dollar savings per year, depending on how many gallons your old toilet uses now.


The Bottom Line


You don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your bathroom. There are lots of quick, affordable, and relatively effortless ways to get it up-to-date. From repainting to replacing fixtures, you can do small things and get significant results when giving your bathroom a makeover.


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