Origin 8 Time Clock BellOrigin 8 Time Clock Bell

Did you know bike gadgets could radically improve your time riding a bike? I spend 2-4 hours on my hybrid (road/off-road) bike a day. As the years have gone by, I’ve also collected more and more gadgets on my bike. Each one adds a bit of fun. Some people are concerned about weight so these items are manually for a more casual and daily rider vs. the bikers trying to cut down on their times, weight, and wind resistance.

Power Meter Pedals

If you think bike pedals don’t matter much, you may want to rethink your stance. Make the most out of your rides by installing rechargeable power meter pedals! Their technology helps you plan and track your goals for a better cycling experience. They’re great if you want to improve your cycling power and performance for a race or an extended cycling tour.

Good Phone Mount

I see so many bikers without a decent phone mount. Your phone can add so much to your ride, even if it’s just playing music via your speakers or even better, hooked up to some headphones. But it’s difficult to point people toward the best phone mount. You can search Amazon, or spend a lot more for something like a Ram Mount. Be warned, no matter how good your mount is, your phone may launch off the bike due to other issues like forgetting to put on the straps, or not quite connecting it correctly. Always be sure to have a good case to hopefully allow your phone to survive.

TOPTREK Bicycle Bell 120db Cycling Electric Bike Bell USB Rechargeable

This thing is fun. You can switch between three main sounds (police sounding, haoooga sound, and a whistle). These may not be the best choices but the police one is especially fun and this thing has lasted 11 months without recharging. This one is really good against cars, especially if they have their windows open. It’s also funny to use on your coworkers and friends as long as you’re not too close to hurt their ears.

Origin8 Time Clock Bell

While you don’t need two bells, I have two bells. This one is really loud but not so loud that it scares pepole on the bike paths. So this is my casual warning system and then I use the TOPTREK to really go after cars or people that are especially a problem.

USB Bike Light and Tail light

If you haven’t paid attention, lights have switched from batteries to USB rechargable. Make sure you upgrade!

What else can you get? Let us know!