Black Metal Short Film Hits Sundance

Filmmaker Kat Candler introduced her new short film at Sundance called simply, Black Metal. The film seems to revolve around those pesky little themes of violent music or imagery which some speculate to incite violence. The film is around eight minutes long, so if you can grin and bear watching something that’s over thirty seconds, you might find yourself thinking about the issues in this movie.

My two cents: I, for one, do not agree with the idea that violent music, video games, or art can be held responsible for someone else’s actions. If we look back to the Columbine shootings, the media essentially had a hard-on by thinking they could use Marilyn Manson’s music as a scapegoat for that horrific event. Yet, the two boys didn’t even listen to Manson, further helping the point that people are eager to jump on the blame game. I’m sure it can affect artists very personally when these things happen, but people are just as likely to murder someone in the name of Beyonce than say, Emperor. People are crazy, no matter what you listen to or watch.

By Liz