Consider The Pros And Cons Of Gadgets In Our Lives

When we hear stories from our grandparents about how their life was without technology back in their days, we sometimes wonder how they survived without electronic gadgets. We can say that we are thankful to those who invented the power resistor, capacitor and other electronic parts that eventually was developed to more intricate things such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets and made our life simple and easy. Despite the advantages that these devices offer, we should also be cautious of the negative effects that it might give us. To make sure we have a fair view of how these things affect us, let us consider the pros and cons of gadgets in our lives.

The Advantages Of Gadgets

  1. Empowers Lifestyle

If you lived many years ago, you may find it impossible to see your family and friends living miles away from you through your telephone. Now you are able to talk to them anywhere they are in the world as long as you have an internet connection while you see them live by just using your mobile phone. Amazing isn’t it?

  1. You Can Do Business Even Outside The Office

Working outside your office is not a problem as long as you have your internet connection with you. You do not have to bring a lot of things, just your laptop and mobile phone are enough to keep your files and documents. With just a simple click, you can already send important documents and do not have to worry about meeting your deadlines.

  1. Gaining Knowledge

A lot of academic information can be seen online. Your electronic gadgets can give you quick access to your needed research and project ideas. You can even read books and watch educational videos for your presentations at school.

  1. You Can Be Aware Of What’s Happening Around The World

It helps you to be updated on current events not just in your country but mostly on all parts of the earth. You can be aware of what is happening to our economy and the environment as well.

The Downsides Of Gadgets

  1. Health Risks

Studies show that excessive use of electronic gadgets may result in bad posture, headache, backache, neck and shoulder strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, stress, physical fatigue, obesity, and many more.

  1. Users Get Addicted

If you already lack concentration, attention, and focus, you might be a victim of gadget addiction. You can’t function well without your electronic gadgets and you can’t even hear what the person near you is saying. All you think about is to pay or watch in your gadget and your relationship with your friends and family is being compromised.

  1. You Can’t Manage Your Time Well

This becomes the problem once you are already addicted to using your gadgets since you spend most of the time holding and looking at them and neglect the most important things.

Electronic gadgets are helpful in our daily lives but anything excessive is always bad. As we benefit from using these devices, we should also be cautious of its disadvantages to make sure that we gain more and not put our lives in danger.

By Sam

Sam Lowy is a writer, actor, comedian, musician, and everything in between. A true jack of all trades, Sam is constantly striving to learn and grow. Whether it's for a festival or just a once-in-a-lifetime club show, Sam loves to travel across the country to catch the best artists around. When he's at home in Tempe, AZ, Sam enjoys reading, playing guitar, and watching Frasier, Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.