Endor – Be Mine (EP) [Free Download]


UK Producer Endor has only been on the scene for 7 months but he is already making waves in the UK Deep House movement.

Aptly named after a planet in the Star War’s galaxy Endor’s tracks are out of this world (lame, I get it). Since joining Soundcloud, Endor has released nearly 30 original tracks, remixes and collaborations. Many with varying style and influences.

Endor’s typical “sound” derives from 90’s house rhythms and catchy vocal samples but he’ll throw in some love trap and hip hop to keep listeners guessing from time to time.

Endor’s newest contribution is the Be Mine EP featuring a collaboration with fellow Brits Frequency entitled, “Rock the House” in addition to the title track , “Be Mine”

I would be remiss if I didn’t note Endor’s similarity to the massively popular Disclosure. However, I don’t Endor would be to upset about the comparison. The duo is one of the few groups Endor follows on Soundcloud.

Be Mine (EP) can be downloaded from Endor’s Facebook for free here.


By Michael

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