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Ancient records show that the medicinal properties and healing advantages of Aloe Vera have been known for over 5000 years.

“It contains 18 amino acids, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and E. As well as potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and chloride. Aloe Vera is filled with aloe polysaccharides. These are naturally occurring active components that hold a wide range of positive effects. The Aloe Vera inner fillet does not contain the aloe latex or outer leaf part of the plant and can be taken internally. It has the ability to improve digestive health, balance stomach acidity naturally, improve the immune system, promote tissue and cell regeneration, and also has anti-inflammatory abilities.  Aloe can also be used topically and is effective for minor abrasions, acne, burns, cold sores, cuts, dry skin, insect bites, scrapes, eczema, skin moisturizer, and sunburn.”- Source: 5 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Gut Health Aids

“It works to HEAL your bodies own system. It clears out the digestive tract so your body can absorb more nutrients from your food as well as that from Aloe Vera. This action alone is often enough to improve the immune system and rectify a large number of ailments without the need for drugs. But if your diet is low in fruit and vegetables Aloe Vera will not perform miracles because there are limited nutrients from your diet that your body can absorb to help itself.”  – The Aloe Vera Site


“Abstract: The Aloe Vera plant has been known and used for centuries. It is a true gift from nature. Ancient records show that the benefits of Aloe Vera have been known for centuries with its therapeutic advantages and healing properties. Many ancient works including the Bible, refer to the use of Aloe. 6000 years old carvings of the Aloe Vera plant were discovered in Egypt. It was considered the “Plant of immortality” and was offered as a burial gift to the deceased pharoahs. 2000 years ago, the Greek scientist regarded Aloe Vera as the Universal panacea. The medicinal use of Aloe was already mentioned more than 4000 years ago in a collection of Sumerian clay tablets dated 2100 B.C. The first detailed discussion of Aloe’s medicinal value is probably that which is found in the Papyrus Ebers, an Egyptian document written around 1550 B.C. Egyptian queen Nefertiti and cleopatra used it as part of their regular beauty regimes. Alexander the Great and Christopher columbus used it to treat soldiers wounds. Celsius, Dioscorides, Pliny the Elder and many other writers have described the properties of Aloe Vera in their books. Now Aloe Vera is grows in many parts of the world with warm climate. It grows mainly in the dry region of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. In India it is found in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The nutrients make up of Aloe Vera is one of a kind and has amazing natural healing properties. Its uses are multiple and undoubtedly the nature’s gift to humanity and it remains for us to introduce it to ourselves and thank the nature for its never ending gift.”  – History of Aloe Vera – A Magical Plant – Dr. Indu Mehta



ALOE VERA GELL- lily030 -$13.00—(946 ml in plastic bottle) – Shelf stable, but refrigerate after opening (it’;s a food) and be careful not to contaminate the rim of the bottle. Researchers have taken renewed interest in aloe vera as a powerful herb and superfood . Two of its compounds, acemannan and aloctin A, support immune and adrenal health. It aids DIGESTION, gradually re-builds and cleans your entire body from inside out …VERY SLOWLY…like food Start with 1 tsp. (instead of 1T daily which I take)…lst week, 2 – 2 nd etc.)


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