How Predicting Harsh Weather Can Better Protect Your Neighborhood

As a business leader in the community, you share a common interest with your neighbors: severe weather preparedness. In your efforts to protect your business from storm damage, you can use those same tools to benefit the community around you through weather education, weather monitoring software and alert systems.

Education for the Community

Education is an important part of any weather emergency plan. It’s important that all your employees know the nearest shelters and evacuation points and the risks associated with severe weather. Additionally, you can share your plans with the community, providing emergency planning tips and helpful weather monitoring information. There are plenty of ways to promote community education and outreach:

  • Distribute emergency planning guides
  • Provide weather safety tips for staff and neighbors
  • Designate a community shelter on your property
  • Identify safe evacuation routes
  • Broadcast severe weather warnings

Hyper-Local Weather Monitoring

If your facility uses the latest weather monitoring software and storm tracking tools, then your weather report is about as local as it gets. Your neighbors can also benefit from this information in the event of severe weather. With real-time tracking, you can increase your lead time for inclement weather and alert your community with more notice. More response time means more can be done to protect life and property.

Warning Sirens and Systems

In the event of oncoming weather, be the first to get the word out with outdoor weather stations and warning systems. Using a lightning detector and other storm tracking tools, you can sound the alarm for the entire neighborhood, faster and with more precision. Additionally, with the latest weather software, you can create smartphone and email alerts that reach the entire community.

Preparing for severe weather is good for both your business and the community at large. For more information about weather education and how to assist the community in the event of major event, contact a professional emergency management service.