Shaza Makkah Hotel: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Peace

The Shaza Makkah Hotel is a five-star hotel in Makkah, Saudi Arabia which deserves to be talked about. The Shaza Makkah Hotel stands on its own among the luxury hotels in Makkah. It is part of the reputed and independent Shaza chain of hotels.

The Shaza Makkah is a hotel with all the modern amenities steeped in old-world charm. If you’re looking for hotel accommodations in Makkah, then the Shaza Hotel, Makkah should be on your research list. It is a hotel in Makkah near Haram which is meant for travellers looking for a premium and curated space to unwind in and from which to experience the vibrancy of the city of Makkah.

What the Shaza Makkah Offers 

As far as five-star hotels in Makkah go, the Shaza Hotel provides everything you can ask for and more. The Shaza Makkah features lavish suites, exquisite restaurants, an open-kitchen eatery, as well as a modern lounge area with classic and signature cocktails and unique tea ceremonies. The list of amenities is endless.

The Shaza Makkah also offers premium concierge services. They will pick you up as soon as you arrive at the airport. You can get airline assistance directly from the hotel. If you need to exchange your currency, you can do so in-house. You can order room service at any time of the day or night. High-speed and 24*7 Wi-Fi is a staple.

The sheer size of the Shaza Hotel is impressive with over two hundred and fifty one suites and guestrooms. They provide suites and rooms to cater to all kinds of requirements. They also have four rooms designed specifically for individuals with special needs. The amenities available in each room are also noteworthy. You get all the usual perks, such as flat-screen televisions, signature toiletries, Wi-Fi, hairdryers, tea and coffee sets, as well as laundry services. In addition to this, every room at the Shaza Hotel features an in-room safe and a rain shower bathroom.

The Beauty Is in the Details

Here are some of the reasons why the Shaza Hotel, Makkah is the best hotel in Saudi Arabia. They have planned for needs which you didn’t know you existed. Every aspect of your stay at the hotel is elevated by the sheer attention to detail which the Shaza Makkah provides.

In addition to the meticulously built interiors of each suite, you will find a nightly tur down gift, a selection of dates for the day, as well as a range of curated teas and coffees. Each suite bears notes of lavender mist to induce a calm and peaceful sleep.

Great care is taken to make your dining experience one-of-a-kind. Their restaurants feature live-cooking stations and tea sommeliers, but that’s not all. The menu is designed to cater to the taste buds of a diverse and international mass while retaining a home-grown charm at the same time.

One of the unique features of the Shaza Hotel, Makkah is that they provide a dedicated hotel executive to you. This executive, called the Morafik, is tasked with the job of being your one-man contact point for all your needs while you stay at the Shaza. If that doesn’t spell comfort and ease, nothing else does.

Places You Must Visit Near the Shaza Makkah

While making your Makkah hotel booking, you should be mindful of all the places which you can easily visit. The Shaza Hotel, Makkah is strategically located in Makkah to be a centre from which you can travel to a number of attractions.

In Makkah, you can find the Al Jaraanah Mosque where the Prophet clothed himself in Ihram before travelling for the Haj. You can also visit the Al-Jamarat, which is a popular pilgrimage site where the Prophet Abraham was called onto perform the greatest sacrifice by Allah. A little further, you can visit the Jabil-e-Rehma or the Mount of Mercy where the Prophet gave his last sermon. This is also the location where Prophet Adam and his wife Howa met.


If you’re looking for premium hotels in Makkah, then the Shaza Makkah should be on your list of favourites. The hotel provides five-star services in a blend of traditional culture and modern conveniences. You can make your Makkah hotel booking at any time by following the link provided above.

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