Fitbit Charge 3Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit charge line has seen continual upgrades. The original Charge did not have a heart rate monitor. Charge HR (Charge 1) added it. The Charge 1 was attached to the band and there was no swapping out bands. Once the band broke you needed to buy a whole kit just to replace it or ask Fitbit to replace it.

Then the Charge 2 added a much larger easier to read screen, the ability to swap bands and a five-day battery life. Was it worth the upgrade from Charge HR? It was hard to say. It did not have a touch screen. You had to hit a button on the side to try to navigate through the options.

Introducing the Charge 3! The Charge 3 is a significant upgrade.

  • This time it has a touch screen! Be sure to get a screen protector. No more tapping the side hoping you select the right thing.
  • Additionally the next biggest upgrade is water resistant to 30m. It was a pain taking the band off every time you shower or use the pool, no longer with this one.
  • Special Edition allows you to use it to pay for items with fitbit pay.
  • Apps that you can customize on the tracker from the fitbit app.
  • Set includes a small and a large band that is easy to swap.
  • 7 day battery life
  • The only con is the bands are pretty pricey at $30-50. But you can just stick with the band that comes with it.
  • Many more features

Overall, huge improvement. It could be the best one out there.

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