Top 3 segments you should specialize in if you want to be a freelance programmer

No matter how we look at it, it’s obvious that programming is one of the most well-paid jobs available in the market right now. Almost every single person who knows how to write code, and enjoys the process is able to easily find a job in a tech company, or pretty much any company that has either a website or an application simply due to how few developers there are available currently, compared to the demand.

However, programming is quite a wide topic, meaning that a lot of products can be produced through a single profession, which is why it is segmented between databases, websites, applications, games and etc.

In this article, I’d like to provide three programming segments that have proven to be some of the best freelance professions out there right now.

Game developer

Game developers are also mostly employed in large companies such as Electronic Arts, Bethesda and etc, and they are able to work on large, extensive projects which generate millions in sales. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t branch out even further in the game development world.

A lot of indie games that you can find on Steam or any other platform are usually developed by a single person. Meaning that they did the design and coding all on their own, and are now selling this product online.

The biggest freelance employers in terms of game developers are actually, casino software providers, who rely on creative ways to develop games and then sell them to corporate clients. You can check the source for these facts here: and see just how many people are usually involved in developing these games.

Almost every game you can find on the online casino’s website is likely to have been made by freelance designers and developers, all working through a messenger application or just video calls from all over the world.

The salaries in these cases range between $18-60/hour based on experience. But considering that most developers come from Eastern Europe or slightly underdeveloped countries, these types of salaries are amazing for them.

Front-End development

A front-end developer is a person who creates what we see when we enter a website. It’s up to this person to turn the design that he or she was provided with, into code. All of this then breathes life into the website and makes it function on a completely different level.

Usually, front-end is not as complex as game development or the last one I’ll mention, app development, but it does take quite a lot of skills to be considered as the best of the best. And once you’re the best of the best you get paid accordingly.

In most cases, if you go for freelance front-end development, you’re unlikely to have a workload more than 3-4 hours a day, if you’re just on maintenance. However, if you have to make a website from scratch, that could take months of work, which will promptly be paid for.

And the best part is that all you need is a laptop or a computer, and you’re all set. You can usually expect around $10-80/hour with front-end freelance jobs, again depending on experience.

App development

Mobile application developers are all the rage these days as every company if they’re big enough to need an application to remain competitive in the modern market. This means that there will always be a large supply of clients, and due to a huge deficit of mobile app developers, you’re guaranteed to be paid a premium price if you’re an expert.

In most cases, freelance app developers team up with UI/UX designers who outline the application, and the developer then turns it into code.

But you can always combine these two skills and sometimes even be paid double just because you’re such a good choice.

The good part is that you can always work on your own projects, and list them on the app store. You can place a price as well as make it free and rely on revenue from ads that people watch while using the app.

Mobile app developers, be they iOS or Android make around $20-80/hour depending on experience.

Not a developer?

If you’re not a developer, there’s no need to worry. The profession itself hinges so much on technology and the internet that you can easily stack up on knowledge piece by piece by just watching YouTube videos, taking free courses and just making projects from scratch.

It’s definitely a complex profession from the start, but the moment it clicks for you, there’s no stopping how much you can grow.