Top Gadgets for Christmas 2020

Gadgets are always a great Christmas present for anyone on your list. Here are some of the top gadgets to get for Christmas in 2020. Don’t forget to get that gadget insurance for extra protection!

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker – $25

This is a great and inexpensive gadget for any music lover on your list. Not only does it offer immersive sound, it also comes in six different color options. So, you can program it to either blue, green or even pink. It is great for any bedside table or even to use outdoors during the evening!

Mophie Battery Case – $80

Need a gift for that iPhone user? This battery case it is perfect. Not only is it sleek, it gives you 12 extra hours of talk and 8 extra hours of video watching and browsing. It is a convenient and stylish way to keep your phone juiced up!

Digital Picture Frame – $80

This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life. The 10-inch screen is high-resolution and the device can even play music and videos. It also comes with a handy remote! If this is for someone really special, you can even preload the frame with some of their favorite photos.

Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker – $100

A Fitbit is always an awesome gift. And the newest Fitbit is even more accurate. It can track calorie burn and resting heart rate. It also monitors your sleep and can go 5 days without needed to be charged.

Campark Waterproof Action Camera – $100

Have a friend that loves to mountain bike, scuba dive or go hiking? This camera is a great present for them! It is waterproof, comes a 2-inch HD screen and even a wide angle lens.

Philips Hue Wake Up Alarm Clock – $100

It isn’t always easy to wake up. But this alarm clock can help. It comes with 10 brightening levels and nature sounds to help anyone ease into their day.

Apple Airpods – $150

No need to spend time untangling annoying wires. Everyone on your list will love their own pair of Apple Airpods. You can listen up to 5 hours of music with just one charge!

Amazon Echo Plus – $150

The Amazon Echo Plus played music, makes calls, control smart home devices and can be programed to play music alarms. The perfect addition to any tech lover.

Bose Audio Sunglasses – $200

Thanks to advancement in technology, we now have sunglasses that can play music! Yes, the Bose sunglasses are stylish and can play music in ear, without everyone else having to hear it.

Nintedo Switch Lite – $200

This is an even smaller Nintendo game. The hand-held device is compatible with all physical and digital Nintedo games. So get ready to play lots of Mario.

Have fun shopping for these gifts and don’t forget to put them on your wish list!


By Sam

Sam Lowy is a writer, actor, comedian, musician, and everything in between. A true jack of all trades, Sam is constantly striving to learn and grow. Whether it's for a festival or just a once-in-a-lifetime club show, Sam loves to travel across the country to catch the best artists around. When he's at home in Tempe, AZ, Sam enjoys reading, playing guitar, and watching Frasier, Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.