5 Reasons To Get a Daisy Cup ASAP

Since 1937, women have been using menstrual cups, but they have only lately been discussed openly. One of the factors more women are rushing to attempt a menstrual cup is due to the nicely labeled Daisy Cup increasing notoriety. Also, many women are now buzzing about the convenience it is giving to them during menstruation. Women who have attempted pads and tampons with this option moan about it. There are five explanations for this.

It is Sustainable

There is a lot of reason why using a menstrual cup is a must; they are eco-friendly, reusable, and safe! Because of that, the disposable of tampons and pads in landfills are lessen. You will only need to buy menstrual cup once instead of buying dozens of pads or tampons every month so you can save money upon using a cup.

Usually, it will cost you around $15-$20 to get a pack of your regular pads while a Daisy Cup will only set you back $34.99. Imagine how much money you are going to save upon using a menstrual cup instead of your regular pads and tampons.

It is Safe to Use

Using a menstrual cup is suitable for every woman’s health. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that can disrupt the pH balance. All parts of the Daisy cup from its stem, shape, material, grip rings and rim structure are all designed to be safe upon using it during your menstruation. It is a non-toxic and silicone-based product with no additional colors or chemicals.

Because it is produced of grade healthcare, non-absorbent silicone, it should not irritate the inside of your vagina if you are correctly cleaning and caring for it, according to the Daisy Cup page. Many regular tampons have bleached rays, Rayons for the cotton and unknown chemicals for the fragrant and should not be used close to your vagina, especially that it is a sensitive part of the body.

Odorless Period

One problem of every woman during the period is getting rid of the unpleasant smell of the blood. Because menstrual odor forms only after it comes into contact with air, menstrual cups eliminate any odor since your “flow” is smoothly collected inside the cup. Once every twelve hours that would be the only time that you are going to pull it out from your vagina and clean it.

You do not need to change from time to time to avoid the unpleasant odor. It can save you time from going to the bathroom just to feel clean and fresh. Enjoy the confidence you can get from using a menstrual cup.

No Leaks

The Daisy Cup contains up to one ounce of fluid (around 28 grams), about five times the quantity of fluid a standard tampon can hold. The cup fits completely inside as a suction, so throughout the day or night, there are no leaks. You can also use the toilet comfortably without removing it.

You can use the cup up until twelve hours depends on your flow so there will be no worries upon using the cup no matter how heavy activities you will do in a day. Make sure to put it inside your vagina correctly, dry the cup before putting it inside and clean it very thoroughly, check the rims to make sure that there will be no residues left to avoid leaks. Follow the instructions listed in the package of your Daisy Cup.

You Can Wear It Anytime, Anywhere and In Anything You Do

Modern women nowadays can almost do everything that a man can do. So it is essential to find a menstrual product that you can use anytime, anywhere and in anything you do. Good news, because you can now have fun even when you are having your period.

By using a menstrual cup you can still enjoy the waves in the ocean and swim, wear all the swimsuits you want because the menstrual cup is not visible since it is inside your vagina, you can have sex with your partner, and sleep all night without interruption. Imagine the convenience you can enjoy while using a cup instead of your regular pads and tampons that limits you to live life.


As a woman, you must change the way our society’s views about menstruation. Look for a menstrual product that is comfortable and sustainable. The menstrual cup was designed to help women not to be ashamed of their menstruation. You have to become a little more personal and in contact with your body when using a menstrual cup, enabling you to know a lot about your time. The way Daisy Cup wants to empower females is to see how natural, easy, and hygienic a period can be. After all, the duration is a sign of females being healthy and fertile.



This article is written by my co-writer Kathy Meyer and here’s her author’s bio.

Kathy Meyer is a freelance creative writer who collaborates with various healthy lifestyle enthusiasts to share her experiences through the written word. She especially loves writing about health and the various ways to become healthy. Kathy worked as a content marketing specialist in her former life but recently left to pursue a full-time freelance career.