Calling All Heroes Pt. 1 EP

Adventure Club Calling All Heroes Pt. 1 EP

For all who aren’t familiar with Adventure Club, they are a Canadian electronic dance music duo based out of Montreal, Quebec composed of Christian Srigley and Leighton James.

Being one of the dominating producers of melodic dubstep, with the release of this EP they’ve stated that they did not want to be defined by one genre alone.

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Starting off with their first track, “Gold ft. Yuna”, they present yet another track that goes back to their roots. The combination of their melodic dubstep and Yuna’s vocals makes this track an instant classic, alongside their remixes of “Youth“, “Crave You” and “Lullabies“.

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“Wonder Feat. The Kite String Tangle” goes to show how male vocals can be just as beautiful as female vocals. It’s quite easy to lose yourself in this track with it’s chill vibes.

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“Crash” is a heavy electro-house track infused with yet another fantastic female vocalist. They show you how unique and fresh they can be compared to other artists, even when they step out of their own genre. This song has me destroying the replay button.

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With “Thunderclap”, they step into the big-room festival scene. With a mad buildup to a huge fist-pumping drop, this song has banger written all over it.

EP is available for purchase on iTunes and Beatport.

For more on Adventure club, check them out on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

By Raffi

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