I was first introduced to DXXXY at the 2014 BUKU Music + Arts Project in New Orleans a few weeks back. I was really just trying to figure out the layout of the festival and see what the whole thing was about.

I heard some incredibly ratchet set happening and started to pick up the pace. Before I knew it I was snapping pictures and dancing my ass off (or as best as a white guy can) to DXXXY’s set.

Afterwards we got to talking and I soon realized that this kid was going to be one of the next biggest names in electronic music. The passion he had about his music, producing, and even designing his own name and brand were all of interest to me.

I checked out more of his music once I got back from NO and found even more goodies. We were fortunate enough to get him on the site for our newest artist spotlight.

JNTM: How did you start producing? What is your background in music?

DXXXY: I started producing by making chopped-n-screwed remixes of New Orleans rap tunes.
However, I played music from a very young age starting with being classically trained in guitar.
I taught myself bass, drums, and keyboard while playing in various bands in New Orleans up until college.

JNTM: What genre, if any, do you like to produce the most? Trap?

DXXXY: I enjoy Trap and bounce/twerk because of the energy and being raised in New Orleans (because of the Cash Money//No Limit influence).

I like making house too (though they’re unreleased) because of the melodies/harmonies I can explore.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/127738917″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


JNTM: How would you describe your production style?

DXXXY: Heavy…Dark…Melodic


JNTM: Where does the name DXXXY come from?

DXXXY: It stands for “DEITY” with the middle letters X’d out to pay homage to my metalcore/hardcore days/peeps.

People automatically think that I think I am a God by donning that name, but the name isn’t about that at all.

I was really into Greek mythology at one point, and became fascinated with the idea of Aphrodite. Being into fashion, models, and haute couture I liked how that goddess represented female elegance//beauty//sensuality. So, the name DEITY stands for that.

JNTM: Who are your favorite artists right now? EDM or not

DXXXY: DJ Snake, Ben Khan, Tchami, Jack Novak, Junkie Kid, Samo Sound Boy, Blonde, Oliver Heldens

JNTM: For you, what’s the most difficult thing about being an up-and-comer? And with that, what’s the most important part about being an independent artist on the rise? Do you have a mantra for yourself to stay motivated?

DXXXY: Getting your name out and standing out amongst all the other people trying to do the same thing.

I think one of the most important things is setting goals for yourself, staying focused, and accomplishing those set goals.

My mantra is that NO one is going to do your work for you. I can’t be lazy and expect to get anywhere. Also, I’m doing something that I LOVE to do.

JNTM: What is the New Orleans EDM scene like? Is it any more easy or difficult to make a name for yourself out in the Big Easy?

DXXXY: It’s new and growing. It’s easy to get a start here in New Orleans, but the feel of the Big Easy is more traditionally laidback.

One really has to motivate themselves and stay focused to make a name that not only grabs attention here but outside the city.

DXXXYJNTM: How involved are you in the design aspects of your brand?

DXXXY: Heavily! I make all of the flyers for my monthly dance parties. I make all of my own artwork for mixes//tracks.

I had a specific idea for my brand from the very beginning, and I make sure I stay on top of that.
I sat with a photographer//artist friend of mine to come up with my logo too.

All of my graphic “skills” (I’m not the best…I just know what look I want to accomplish) are self-taught.

JNTM: What hand did you have in the music video for Kate Moss?

DXXXY: I brought all the ideas of my brand and the feel of the track to director Tyler Yee.
It was a collaboration of ideas to bring together the finished product. He found an amazing team of people to bring on board as far as makeup (Jenny Sauceda), shooting, and styling (Christina Flannery) goes to bring ideas to the melting pot as well.

Even my model friends who were a part of it brought ideas to the table that went with our original treatment.

DXXXY – Kate Moss [Music Video]

JNTM: What can we expect in the near future for DXXXY? Tour? EP? New video?

DXXXY: I would love to get a tour going!!! Right now, I’m focusing on getting more of my production out there for 2014.

An EP is in the works, but can’t reveal much more about that right now. A new video will definitely be in the works from the great Tyler Yee. Also, some new material from my production duo Ritual as well as other collaborative projects!

JNTM: A question we always like to ask: if you could have any job in the world besides DJing/Producing, what would it be and why?

DXXXY: Hmm that’s tough because music is my life, but probably something in the fashion industry. Styling…modeling…helping to design something.

Stay tuned later this week for an exclusive mix from DXXXY, only on JNTM! 


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By Sam

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