ECommerce Trends in the Vaping Industry

As the vaping industry continues to grow each year, new trends emerge. While the brick-and-mortar vape shop is still popular, eCommerce vape pen businesses are booming. Of course, since this is such a competitive space, it’s often difficult for vape pen brands to stand out. For every seller to reach the right buyer, it’s important to think a little more creatively.

As vaping eCommerce trends develop, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. From finding the right IP address for your brand to investing in some products and supplies that make your operations run more smoothly, here’s what you need to know about some of the more important trends.

More brands are looking for IPv4 addresses.


Essentially, IP addresses are internet numbers that define different digitally connected devices. However, as it stands, current IPv4 address blocks are fairly scarce. This causes a variety of issues for brands across hundreds of industries and markets. For vape brands that need to maintain a suite of IoT devices, it’s important to secure the right IP addresses. Otherwise, there are consistent issues with device connectivity, and it’s that much more difficult to maintain a robust eCommerce presence. While IPv6 looms on the horizon, it’ll still be a while for large-scale deployment. So, what can a vaping business do while it waits for the imminent release of IPv6?

Luckily, for every buyer, there is a seller. If you run a brand that needs an applicable IPv4 address, you can find a broker with relative ease. An IPv4 address broker can help you find the right IPv4 to suit your brand. Plus, if you find a reputable seller, they’ll work with you as you buy IPv4 to ensure that it’s scraped of any sensitive data. That way, you don’t have device connectivity you don’t need or any additional information that could compromise the previous user. This benefits both the buyer and the seller. If a vape cartridge brand needs to sell off an IPv4 address space for a CBD product, the brand naturally wants to guarantee that no sensitive information is released to the future buyer. If your business’s information is compromised, it can irreparably damage your reputation. If you can, look for an IPv4 block broker that partners with the Regional Internet Registry or the American Registry. It’ll ensure you can rest easy during the entire process.

As internet orders scale, so do production needs.


If it’s your first time running a CBD product or THC brand, you’re probably less prepared for the potential volume of online sales. While brick-and-mortar stores can sometimes divide their profits between in-person and online sales, eCommerce CBD oil and cartridge brands are strictly digital. While this may seem like you’re halving your potential profits, it actually opens up your business to a much wider demographic than you may have originally anticipated. Since a brick-and-mortar store’s website may only handle local orders for pickup, an eCommerce brand often operates nationally and sometimes globally.

As a result, you must be able to meet increased productions’ specific requirements. If you handle a cartridge brand that deals with various flavors, terpenes, and liquids, you may need a filling machine to help you meet production needs. A cartridge filling machine can help you fill pods without needing to juggle syringes or handheld fillers manually. If you’re looking for the top vape filling machine, it’s a good idea to find one that can top off a vaporizer cartridge at high speed without spilling vape juice all over the place. Each cartridge needs to meet quality standards, which is more difficult than mass-producing edibles, mouthpieces, or even products like tinctures. A cartridge filling machine may help you meet your eCommerce needs.

On top of this, you may need to decide whether you specialize or generalize. If you generalize and offer THC oil cartridges, cannabis products like gummies, and topicals that include creams, you may be able to reach a larger audience. Still, you’ll also have to work harder to ensure that each product reaches a consistent level of quality. That means meeting a standard of potency for each THC oil product, dispensary merchandise, and cannabinoid offering. However, on the other side, you need to consider how specializing may limit your audience. If a customer visits your site looking for a cartridge or oil, but you only sell high-potency creams, that’s a missed sales opportunity. Sometimes, the best approach is to find a balance for your dispensary brand that can appeal to a variety of potential buyers without overreaching or underachieving.

Your marketing needs are changing.


It’s currently difficult for a variety of brands to effectively market their disposable pens, natural cannabis oil, and edible batches due to FDA approval guidelines and ongoing rules about how different substances can be advertised. Of course, this complicates things in a competitive marketplace, even if you’re selling a premium product. As a result, you may need to get a new lease on your marketing efforts to help convert customers. First, it’s important to start with your website since it’s the foundation of your eCommerce approach. Your website needs SEO optimization, high-quality content, and a friendly user interface. Product pages for cannabidiol oil cartridges and topical creams should be easy to navigate and offer visible ordering guidelines. You can include clear images of product packaging and be specific with your claims.

It would help if you also considered how your social media presence impacts your business. As a retailer, you may choose to reach out to influencers, try social media advertising when appropriate, or attempt to build your following yourself. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing bid, so you may need to experiment to discover what works.

Whether you’re researching the transfer process as you wait for IPv6 addresses to become available or you’re looking for ways to speed up your cannabis plant extract process, there are ways to follow eCommerce trends that will benefit your brand. It’s important to stay current with ongoing trends and find different ways to improvise that’ll help you stay competitive.

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