How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, in its essence, tends to attract more real customers through various marketing methods. Digital marketing companies in Dubai and across the UAE strongly believe that digital marketing is the best method available for promoting your business further.

When it comes to the UAE, various businesses use digital marketing advertising methods proposed by the top digital marketing companies in Dubai. The results they get are astonishing. The UAE is famous for housing many new businesses since they’ve invited expat companies to move to their country and conduct their business from there. Many benefits were given, and that’s why many companies decided to move.

The Beginning Of It All

Through digital marketing, we’re always looking for new ways to improve and grow our business by capturing a desirable audience. Some companies use engaging and high-quality content to build their marketing campaigns, while others tend to use a less professional approach. All things considered, both parties are running toward the same goal – more sales!

Blockchain, on the other hand, is probably the best-known tech for keeping bitcoins alive. Many innovators from various business segments are prone to finding new ways of using blockchain technology. This topic is widespread, and one of Forbes’ articles says a lot about it that you should know

Then What Happened?

People were predicting that this might happen many years ago, but it all sounded far-fetched like many other predictions before this one. Although, many predictions eventually came to life like the ones in this article That’s why a lot of people around the world were convinced that blockchain technology would go beyond its initial use.

Expectations We Should Have

Digital marketing went through a lot of changes in the last ten years. The changes that will revolutionize digital marketing are here because of blockchain technology. What is it that blockchain technology will do to digital marketing as we know it?

Authentication And Transparency Are Becoming Real

Through blockchain technology, shoppers will finally have real-time information about the products they’re buying. If you always wanted to know where were your favorite jeans made, who made them and for what wages – you’ll know everything. With the power of blockchain, companies will be able to correctly verify and showcase the authenticity of the services and products they sell to their customers. Blockchain technology allows us the transparency and authentication that we never had before.

No More Confusion With The Ad-Spend

In the past, 85% of advertisement money went to the publisher. In the meantime, this percentage dropped to 40% due to numerous middle-man companies or intermediaries. Blockchain came up with the project where the chain-command between the user and the ad publisher is secure and verified by the blockchain technology.

That’s all good to know, but there’s a bad side to it all. If this comes to pass, many companies that have built themselves on verification of ad metrics will go out of business.

This is one example of how blockchain will change digital marketing disruptively – with the potential of wiping out an entire generation of companies built on the very existence of digital marketing.

The Masses Are Most Important

The most intriguing thing when it comes to blockchain technology, according to various digital marketing companies in Dubai, is that it will give back valuable data to consumers. Until recently, companies had the most benefits from using the data they’ve collected from their customers.

Using this data allowed them to learn behavioral patterns of their existing or potential customers. Also, they were able to come up with incredible digital marketing campaigns thanks to the data they had. Every company wanted to have our personal information to fill their databases from email addresses to phone numbers, street addresses, etc.

All of the data they’ve collected allowed them to use it to bombard users with more ads and further promotions while also learning what is relevant to each user. That way, companies were able to distinguish one target group from another and prepare even more accurate and aggressive marketing campaigns.

Digital agency Dubai says that blockchain technology will change digital marketing by removing the possibility for companies to collect personal data from customers unless they reimburse customers with the value of the data collected. Also, users will be able to choose which ads they want to see and when they opt-out to some ads, they will receive BATs (Basic Attention Tokens), which they can further use for various purposes.

There’s an ever-growing need for change, and digital marketing will evolve into something we couldn’t imagine a few years ago. Blockchain technology is a tool that will surely change a lot for the better, and it will affect all of us in one way or another. For now, we hope it will change for the better for consumers.

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