Icarus – Steal The Sun EP

Steal The Sun EP

Steal The Sun EPFresh out of the OWSLA Nest comes a brand new EP from British brother duo Icarus. Steal The Sun, Icarus’ first official EP, features a fantastic blend of funky, deep house, and bass music.

Upon it’s debut, Icarus released the following statement:

We wanted to make sure that our first release demonstrated diversity, while at the same time sounding whole. We also wanted our tracks to be capable of keeping a listener hooked, be it in a club or on the tube. When writing the EP, our inspiration came from many different places and we worked hard on refining each track to flow smoothly from start to finish. Striking a balance between coherence and the unexpected is what excites us when writing music, and we feel that we’ve achieved that with this release.

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The first track on the the Steal The Sun EP, entitled “Slither,” is by far the most poppy song on the EP. Featuring vocals by Ethan James, this track stands away from the rest of the EP as the more melodic and radio-friendly tune. Definitely the anthem of the EP.

Next up, we have “Breathe,” which takes the listener away from the bubble gum and straight to the booty shakin’. The pounding bass line reminds one of being in a dank dance hall somewhere in eastern Europe.

“All Night” is the third track on the Steal The Sun EP and is where the listener can understand the whole “coherence” thing Icarus describes above. With a somewhat similar bass line as “Breathe,” this track offers more of your standard bouncy house synth sound. Plenty of rump shaking on this track as well.

For all the booty house fans out there, the fourth and final track on this EP provides that deep wobble and classic open hi-hat to ensure maximum ass shaking potential. The low-octave repetitive vocal sample also gives this track that deep house vibe… probably our favorite track of the entire Steal The Sun EP.

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