Kendrick Lamar Takes Over SNL

Saturday Night Live has the tradition of exposing some of the hottest new artists to a wider audience. In 2012 the sketch comedy titan introduced the baby boomer generation, which is SNL’s predominate demographic, to Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, and Passion Pit. Last Saturday Kendrick took the stage to perform his singles Swimming Pools (Drank) and Poetic Justice. The live performance featured a full band and a humble performance by Lamar akin to Frank Oceans earlier this season. Although SNL has had their missteps in the past in regards to their musical guests they have been on point with their choices recently.

Kendrick didn’t miss out on the comedy fun either. He appeared in a Digital Short with insufferable host Adam Levine and The Lonely Island in their first appearance on the show since they all left the show following last season’s finale. ┬áThe sketch is a music video for a new Lonely Island track called YOLO and it’s actually pretty funny.

By Michael

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