Summer is a state of mind: Warm up the New Kygo Track

kygo new track

Finally, our favorite Norweigan beat crusher has released some new material just in time to kick off the new year with a solid soundscape. We really dug his previous work remixing Marvin Gaye, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and more–taking on songs of that stature takes serious chops and a little bit of balls.

kygo new track

Kygo posted “I’ve been looking forward to sharing this track with you for a loong time!” on Facebook. “I hope you like it as much as I do.” “Firestone,” featuring vocals from Conrad, was first previewed in a short recap video of the ‘Endless Summer’ tour, all available on Spotify.

The track is classic Kygo, which is saying a lot since he has his own style and is relatively new to the dance world. While summer has come and gone, this new track brings a fresh tropical vibration to this frigid winter air. Synth lines peppered throughout “Firestone” can cheer you up, even if you’re looking at grey skies and a space heater.

 Post by Kygo.

By Raffi