Stream Baaz’s New Album, Red Souvenirs Before it’s Released

HOUUUUSE. That’s what Berlin-based Baaz’s new album, Red Souvenirs should make you say. These hazy, mellow headphone tracks are exclusively up over at Resident Advisor. Chopped and screwed Flying Lotus-esqe beats on “Spacehub” and “What If…” intermingle with bumping tracks like “Anyway” or “Glass Voice” while still retaining a certain ambiance. I will say fans of minimal techno can dig on some of these tracks too.

photo from sweat lodge agency
photo via sweat lodge agency

This will be Daniel Bell’s first full LP after seven years and plenty of smaller releases, you can definitely hear those different times passing through the record. I like to file Red Souvenirs under my own personal  “workinonit” genre — which essentially means, this is great music to be hypnotized by and create, code, write, or study to. Look out for this one, especially you folks in Germany!

Also, I grew up on a street called Woodland Drive, so here is his track Woodland Drive–which means we may or may not be former neighbors who made techno with Fisher Price keyboards. But probably not.


By Raffi