Mr. Carmack – Colta And Me

Mr. Carmack just dropped a wonky new track with LA producer Colta. It’s aiiightt…. 

Not that I don’t like it, really I do. The bubbly synths and the agressive percussion make for a nice contrast. And the vocal/gun samples are a nice touch. It’s just that I feel like I’ve heard it before.

It sounds like a cross between Gesaffelstein and TNGHT. Again, despite how painfully short the track is, it’s pretty neat. Definitely not something to write home about though. Perhaps, a longer, varied version would’ve been more captivating.

“Colta and Me” is a decent track, but it lacks the distinct originality that we’ve come to epect from the Hawaiian producer. Nevertheless, Mr. Carmack and Colta will probably continue to take the underground dance music scene by storm regardless of whether or not this snippet is a hit.

Check out some of Carmack’s swankier tunes on Soundcloud.

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