TGT After Dark: Team Supreme Vol. 108 ...

In the wake of DJ Rashad‘s death, LA’s premier beat collective dedicated their weekly cypher to the deceased footwork legend. Team Supreme epitomizes the LA beat scene. Renowned for having… Read more

TurtleGravy Tuesday: Kronika – SXSW ...

Smartphone, internet, television, radio—if you own or have access to any of these resources, there’s a good chance you heard about the mayhem that ensued at SXSW a couple of weeks ago…. Read more

Mr. Carmack Releases 3 New Tracks

One of our favorite artists to cover, the one and only Mr. Carmack, dropped three new heaters yesterday. Peep them here and share!  Perhaps you picked up on it, but clearly the… Read more

Mr. Carmack – Colta And Me

Mr. Carmack just dropped a wonky new track with LA producer Colta. It’s aiiightt….  Not that I don’t like it, really I do. The bubbly synths and the agressive percussion… Read more

TurtleGravy Tuesday: RL Grime Rinse FM Mix

The transmutation from underground DJ to worldwide EDM superstar is something very few artists ever complete. Even fewer successfully cross over without losing their authenticity or their voracious underdog mentality…. Read more

Mr. Carmack

Major Lazer – Aerosol Can feat. Pharrell ...

“Aerosol Can” was the first record I heard from Major Lazer’s Apocalypse Soon EP, and given my love for dance-hall inspired “riddims,” I was immediately hooked on the verses, the sound… Read more

Twilight/Torture – Jacuzzi ft. Mr. ...

THIS JUST IN: Hawaiian harbingers of bass, Jacuzzi and Mr. Carmack are back at it with a double release comprised of “Twilight” and “Torture”. Disclaimer: TURN YOUR SUBS ALL THE WAY UP OR GTFO…. Read more

Mr. Carmack – Oh, Brooklyn // Red ...

At the stroke of midnight Hawaiian producer, Mr. Carmack, released a pair soulful jazz tracks via DIEHIGH Records. Kick back and enjoy! Aaron Carmack (that’s Mr. to you) is known… Read more