Mr. Carmack Releases 3 New Tracks

One of our favorite artists to cover, the one and only Mr. Carmack, dropped three new heaters yesterday. Peep them here and share! 

Perhaps you picked up on it, but clearly the second track, ATX, is the rawest of the three. The grimy vocal samples fit perfectly over the dark, unforgiving sub kicks and the spacey synth patterns. Needless to say it’s straight FLAME! And unlike many of his other releases, it’s not too short to fully enjoy.

mrcarmackThe Waka Flocka Flame homage on Denzel Curry’s Threats is also a nice touch. On the third track, Carmack pays tribute to one of the people responsible for popularizing trap music in America and paving the way for countless other musicians to hop on board.

If this is your first experience with the Hawaiian composer’s music, you better get up to speed quick! This man is swiftly rising to the greater halls of the internet music universe. Check out some more Carmack jams on Soundcloud and keep up to speed!


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