Oliver takes us back to Funkier Times with ‘Fast Forward’

Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein the DJ duo known as Oliver, is about to release their new EP Light Years Away on September 9th and decided to give us our second taste with a new track ‘Fast Forward’. If ‘Fast Forward’ is any indication on record sound then Oliver just took us back to the 80’s and unveiled their futuristic disco pop to blow our minds.
Oliver jumps on their light cycles for ‘Fast Forward’ as they sound like Daft Punk straight off the Tron Soundtrack. This Funky dance record makes me want to strap on some leather and cruise the city til I find a warehouse to unleash some stone cold moves.
The great thing about EDM is all the styles you can mesh and bring to the table, Oliver is no exception as they mix their take on funky 80’s Disco with a more current synthy electro pop sound.
Oliver uses funky keys and a wailing electro guitar to get you motivated and up on your feet. Once the techno lasers kick in, try keeping your head from bobbing and your body from flailing about as the urban sounds of the city night take over your body.
Not only a feel good track; ‘Fast Forward’ is one of those get shit done tracks. Whether it be racing through traffic on your way to work or going to the gym and trying to get that one extra rep, Oliver pushes you to the brink with their new track.
Take a listen to Oliver’s new track and get lost in the Past’s Future with ‘Fast Forward’
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