The 5 Essential Rules of Weight Loss

Losing weight is no easy task, and while we all know we have to eat well and exercise, what does that really mean?

And can we do it in a more efficient way to improve results?

The short answer is yes.

There are a few key rules you need to know that can help you to lose weight more efficiently. From what you should be eating to how you should be training; we’ve created a list of everything that makes weight loss possible. Check it out.

  • Plan the process

So often, when we start trying to lose weight, our minds are set on one thing – how you want to look at the end.

While it’s great to have that kind of focus, you also need to figure out a plan of how you’re going to achieve that. Losing weight takes time, so while it’s exciting to think of the body you want to achieve, you need to focus on what it takes to get there. Without a structured plan and process in place, it’s easy to go off track and become demotivated.

Instead of the outcome, think about how you can change your behaviors to achieve what you want. Whether that’s cutting out a latte a day or exercising more, by working on the process and planning out your approach you’re much more likely to stick to your plan.

But where do you start?

Once you’ve got this mindset down, you should plan your approach based on the following four points. By following them, you’ll perfect the five rules of weight loss.

  • Create a calorie deficit

When it comes down to the science, losing weight is actually pretty simple. You have to use more energy than you consume [1].

That basically means burning more calories through exercise and activity than you eat.

While the science is straightforward, applying this to your life might not be. While you may exercise more, if you’re not eating right, you’ll really struggle to lose weight.

The best approach is definitely to increase exercise, but for many people monitoring food is a simpler and more effective way to create a calorie deficit – it’s far easier to cut out a 250-calorie donut then it is to complete a 250-calorie workout.

The key to this is tracking what you eat and making sure you stay under your required calorie intake by around 10-20%. This should help you to understand what you should really be eating to lose weight.

If you need a helping hand in creating this deficit, you can use a metabolic aid. Some supplements are better than others and we found that those who’ve tried the product at this site

  • Eat more protein

Although controlling your calorie intake is key, weight loss also comes down to what you’re eating.

According to recent research from the International Society of Sports Nutrition, one of the best ways to support muscle and promote a leaner physique is to eat a high protein diet [2].

By upping your protein intake, you can boost muscle protein synthesis, which means your body is working more efficiently to create and build new muscle fibers [3].

This is key, as if you want to lose fat then muscle is your new best friend. Having more muscle boosts your metabolism and can help to lead to that lean physique we mentioned above.

Whether you train regularly or are a weekend warrior, including more protein in your diet could be the key to dropping those extra pounds.

As well as eating more protein, we’d also recommend eating a good variety of fats, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. This kind of balance is key to maintaining a healthy body and improving your chances of losing weight.

  • Lift weights to lose weight

Hitting the barbell may not be the first exercise people think about when it comes to weight loss. Traditional thought would make long treadmill sessions the most popular option for dropping a few pounds. Despite this, weight training is actually a very powerful weapon against fat.

By lifting weights with just a 60 second break between sets, you’ll raise your heartrate and expend a lot of energy. On top of that, you’ll increase metabolic stress, which means your body will be burning calories even while in recovery mode.

Plus, lifting heavy things is key to building muscle which, as we mentioned above, can increase the number of calories you burn, even at rest.

The best way to burn fat through weight training is opting for HIRT, or high intensity resistance training.

This basically means lifting weights quickly, then stopping for a short break, before going again. Research has shown that this type of intense resistance-based interval training is the most effective option for increasing resting energy expenditure compared to more endurance based disciplines [4].

  • Hit HIIT

When we say moving more is key to losing weight, we know that most people will think of running on the treadmill as their chosen form of cardio. Once again, we’re going to change the way you think about exercise in relation to weight loss.

Cardio if often thought of as longer-training sessions or endurance. For example, running for more than 30 minutes or continually cycling. Needless to say, these types of workouts can be very time consuming, which is why a lot of people find them off putting,

While they may make you fitter and contribute to how many calories you burn, it’s not the most efficient way to burn fat.

In a 20-week study, researchers compared the HIIT and endurance training for its ability to increase fat loss. At the end of the 20-weeks, they found that relative to effort, HIIT was nine times better at decreasing fat than endurance [5].

Weight loss really is a science, and one that can be hard to perfect. If you tick off these 5 rules and stick at it for a prolonged period of time, you should be able to see the result of your effort and the weight will start to drop away.

Try applying these nine rules to your lifestyle today.

By Sam

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