The Must-Have Accessories for Vapers

Image Source: Vampire Vape

Once you enter the world of vaping there is so much more to enjoy that just your e-cigarette. Just like many pieces of tech and electronical devices, they have so many additional accessories that you can purchase to make your vaping experience even better. From keeping your e-cigarette safe when on the move, to enhancing the performance of the vape, continue reading to find out the must-have accessories for every vaper.

Liquid Variety

Everyone has an idea of what flavours they like when it comes to e-liquids but having a selection to choose from and switch between is going to make vaping so much better for you. Sticking to the same flavour for weeks on end can get a little boring, so you want to try a few new flavours to add to your collection. With so many amazing flavours available on the market today, from sweet and juicy to seasonal favourites you have so much to choose from the list is endless.

Image Source: Vampire Vape

Protective Case

You wouldn’t take your phone out without some sort of protective cover or screen and the same applies to your e-cigarette. Just like your phone, it’s very easy to drop an e-cigarette, so you want to ensure it’s safe and protected just in case. Similarly, there’s nothing worse than having your e-cigarette in your pocket getting scratched by your keys or damaged when you knock into things, so a protective case is highly recommended. Whether you’re looking for a simple skin, or you’re interested in stylish leather cases to keep the whole e-cigarette and accessories stored away neatly, there are so many available to buy online you can find the perfect style to suit you.

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Microfibre Cloths

Whilst it may not seem like an exciting accessory to add to your vaping collection, the microfibre cloth is a lifesaver. Whether you’ve got finger marks on the chrome of your e-cigarette, or you think the liquid has caused the surface to be a little sticky, a microfibre cloth will sort you out. Having a small microfibre cloth to hand will help you to keep your e-cigarette clean and shiny, looking its best and making everyone else envious.

Image Source: John Lewis

Skin Stickers

Adding a sticker to your e-cigarette is going to take the design to a whole new level. The vaping community is packed full of creative, confident individuals who aren’t afraid to show off their vaping skills, so you want to fit in and look the part too. Skin stickers are great for adding a touch of character to your e-cigarette, without having to do anything too outrageous and break the bank. Not only do stickers help to showcase the incredible talents of artists across the globe, but they’re great for expressing your own personality too.

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Spare Batteries

Ever left the house with your phone running on low without realising, or attempted to smoke your e-cigarette when it’s flat? Then you’ll know why it’s so important to have a back up plan. Keeping spare batteries for your e-cigarette will ensure that you’re never caught short, depriving you from the beauty of being able to vape. From rechargeable batteries to standard styles, you should always aim to keep a spare battery in your case or bag in case of emergencies.