Thee Mike B – Happy Bloodclatt New Year 2015 – FREE Download

Thee-Mike-BHappy. Bloodclatt. New Year. What more do you need to know about this mix from KNTM favorite Thee Mike B.

The Los Angeles staple has reigned in the New Year with a quick mix featuring a wide variety of Jamaican dancehall, Clocking in at only 45-minutes this may not be the mix I’ll be playing out for the rest of 2015 but it is a nice introduction to some underground reggaeton,dancehall and just straight up reggae.

At the very least, if you throw this mix on at a party you can hear all of your absurdly white friends attempt a Jamaican accent.

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By Michael

Michael Skarsten is a writer, comedian, and pizza enthusiast. Born in AZ, he moved 15 miles from his house to attend ASU. Now he works for Just Noise To Me. "Put the pussy on the chainwax"