Tips for working during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, maintaining a normal routine can be difficult. Whether you work from home or go into an office, managing a heavy workload can sometimes feel impossible.

People’s bodies react and respond differently to pregnancy, and some women feel unwell and have complications. You might find yourself feeling anxious or worrying about childbirth (for those who have had complications resulting in trauma, get in touch with a birth injury lawyer). Whatever happens, always utilize the support network around you, whether that be friends, family or organizations. Know that you’re not alone.

Here are some tips on how to work during pregnancy.

Speak to your boss

Many people feel anxious about telling their boss they’re pregnant. They say you don’t have to tell your manager you’re pregnant until at least 15 weeks before your due date. However, you might want to speak to your boss before then, depending on your relationship. Generally, it’s better to be open and honest – especially if you start feeling unwell. Set aside some private time to speak to your boss, and make sure they are the first in the office to know. Hearing it via office gossip won’t do you any favors.

Be comfortable

It’s important to be comfortable at work, period. But, when pregnant, comfort is more important than ever. So, ditch the heels and invest in a sturdy pair of shoes. Most fashion brands have maternity sections, so you should be able to find smart workwear that fits your bump. While it’s important to be professional, don’t force yourself into something that doesn’t feel right.

Be flexible 

Many women find that being pregnant will mess with their routine. They might struggle to sleep at night, feel fatigued and get morning sickness. Or they might not want to get on public transport due to the lack of facilities. It’s important to be flexible at work and not feel pressured to go in when you’re feeling unwell. So, talk to your boss about working flexible hours, or from home, if possible. Sort out an agreement that works for you and don’t settle for something you aren’t comfortable with.

Communicate with colleagues

Some people are closer to their colleagues than others, and talking about your personal life at work might not be something you’re used to. However, it’s important to have an honest and open relationship with your colleagues when pregnant. You might need to take a little time off or spend more time in the bathroom than usual. You’ll feel upset if people are acting as if you aren’t pulling your weight, so communication with colleagues is important. You want people to look after you and lighten your workload, if necessary.

Don’t overdo it

Being pregnant has a huge impact on your body, and you’ll find that things feel more difficult than before. Don’t overdo it, as the welfare of you and your baby is the priority. Listen to your body and respond accordingly. You can work hard later. Now, you need to take care of yourself.

By Sam

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