Top Spring Tips for Your Garden

With spring well and truly underway it’s time to start focusing on how to make your garden look and feel great. In just a few weeks’ time you’ll be caught up in maintaining your plants and trying to keep on top of your garden’s appearance, so now is the perfect time to prepare and get everything ready before the busy summer season begins. Below are some top spring tips to help you get started on your gardening.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

It may sound cliché but doing a little spring clean in your garden is really useful. From raking up debris that has gathered over the winter months, to pulling out any dead weeds or plants that are taking up valuable flowerbed space, you can start to neaten up your garden and create a fresh, clear palette for you to work with. Choose the right tools to work with, if you haven’t got a great selection then you can find some really useful items on sites like Two Wests, and then you can get started on tidying up your beds and borders.

Eliminate Garden Pests

Getting rid of any garden pests that may be living in your garden is a really important step to take. Garden pests are the worst when it comes to eating through your gorgeous flower display, killing off plants before they can fully grow and even bringing diseases to your soil. In order to avoid any drastic situations with your freshly planted flower beds, now is the time to get out into the garden and hunt down the pests. Be sure to fully destroy anything that the pests have been living on, such as soil, as this could still have diseases that can have a negative impact on the surroundings.

Order More Bulbs

Summer is the best time to get out into the garden and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants that you’ve grown over the spring. With this in mind, it’s worth ordering more bulbs now so that you can start to plant them and get them started before the summer. There are so many beautiful summer flowering bulbs available that you can pick up from your local garden centre, or online, so It’s really easy to get your hands on the right ones. Find out which plants are best for planting in early spring and get them into your garden as soon as you can, this way you’ll have a gorgeous display in your garden for the summer.

Clean Your Greenhouse

Whilst it’s always advisable to clean your greenhouse properly before you lock it off for the winter, now is a great time to head back out there and ensure it’s as clean and ready as possible. You want to ensure that you have a clear space ready for your projects throughout the summer. This includes stocking up the cupboards or drawers with the essential items you’ll need, as there’s nothing worse than going to get something and finding out you don’t actually have any left. Similarly, you want to make sure that everything is in good condition, as it’s always a pain when you start to fill your plant pots with soil and find that your trowel handle is faulty, and you can’t actually get the job done.

By Sam

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