Vaping While on Your Holiday Travels

The holidays are coming up on us quickly and many of us will be traveling around the world to celebrate with friends and family. Traveling can be overwhelming, especially around the holidays and for those of us who vape, it makes things extra challenging. But if you are smart and prepared, you will have no problems enjoying your vapes while on your holiday travels.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

First, make sure to never leave your best e cig at home. It doesn’t matter if you are driving or flying, you can still travel with your vape and all of its needed supplies. You may not be able to find a vape store to stock up on supplies, so pack everything you need. Not only do you want to safely pack your e cig, you also want to bring a case, a charger and extra vape juice. If you are driving, you can do this easily, but if you are flying, you will need to read up on all of the regulations for when it comes to flying with your vape.

Pack Smart

You never want to go to all of the trouble of packing your vaping supplies and bringing them on your travels to just find them broken or ruined when you arrive to your destination. This is why you want to bring a case for your e cig to prevent it from getting broken or even lost. When it comes to your juice, be super careful when packing. Put them in baggies and maybe even think about bringing a brand new one along that is not even open yet. Keep the charger separate just in case the juice does end up leaking. When driving, don’t leave your supplies in the car where it is either going to get too cold or is in the sun for long. Most people will carry their e cig and other vaping supplies close by with them, but keep in mind to do this with all of your supplies, even the extras while on your travels.

Know the Laws

Vaping laws are different everywhere. You may be aware of the laws in your area, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be the same where you are traveling to. Look up the laws in the place that you are traveling to and also look up the laws at any places you will be stopping at while driving. It is also very important to know the vaping laws at the airport. Most airports have designated areas for you to use your vape. Remember, you can never use your vape while on the airplane. Make sure to read up on the laws and regulations at airports, the one you are flying from, the one you are flying to and any that you may need to have layovers at.

The holidays can be a stressful time and it is a time where you will need your vape the most. Just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your vape!