What So Not - Jaguar

What So Not - Jaguar

Australian duo What So Not has released what will most likely be their last single of 2013, “Jaguar.” The song features the classic What So Not “Quack” trap sound along with a melodic breakdown and vocals to make it both massive and sensitive. What So Not, comprised of Flume and Emoh Instead, has had one hell of a year this year, and view this track as “the perfect way to cap it off.”

What So Not – Jaguar

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From What So Not’s label Sweat it Out:

You know when you accidentally leave the caps lock on when writing an email – and people get offended because they think you are screaming at them.

This is no accident.


If it were a human, it would be obese in every way. Full with melody and hooks, but equally stuffed with an eruption of bass and euphoria, this is THAT TRACK. It’s got the signature What So Not sound, but then it’s like the fat kid hung at the buffet all day, and just plied himself with everything on the (what so not) menu. It’s the hot chick that can sing and dance and hold down an amazing conversation.

A huge staple in the sets of all of it’s creators (Emoh Instead, Flume and of course, What So Not), it’ll be yours very soon.

Much love
Team Sweat

“Jaguar” will be available for download on December 6th (Australia and New Zealand only) through Sweat it Out, and on December 10th (worldwide) via OWSLA.

For more on What So Not, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or SoundCloud. Pre order “Jaguar” right here.

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