Why Orlando Airport Limo’s Tour Service is the best you can find!

Why Orlando Airport Limo’s Tour Service is the best you can find!

Orlando, FL is a massively popular tourist destination. It’s home to a ton of theme parks and is no doubt one of the most interesting towns.

Every year, more than 126 million people visit Florida, and almost all of them visit Orlando. Due to the huge popularity of the city, it can get difficult to avail public transport. Not to mention, the tour buses can get boring and you may get uncomfortable after a long ride.

Here’s where Orlando Limo Service saves the day! We offer amazing packages to new tourists who are seeking to observe Orlando in all its glory. Why hurt your back sitting in a bus when you can cruise around town in a luxurious style!

How does Orlando Airport Limo cater to tourists?

1. By Tour Guidance:

Our chauffeurs are more than just expert drivers! They are skilled navigators who know every nook and corner of Orlando. They are also familiar with every tourist destination there is to visit in Florida!

After picking you up from your hotel, they will swiftly take you to your destinations, saving up as much time as they can. And if you question, they can gladly give you a detailed tour as you are driven by landmarks of the city!

2. By Punctuality:

Our chauffeurs care about the value of your time. That is why our cars always arrive early and drop off at the perfect timing so you are not late to any event you’re attending! After all, every second of a tour contributes to wonderful memories!

3. By Giving Comfort & Style:

Our cars are equipped with all the necessary safety features, coupled with entertainment such as TV screens. Our cars also have heated & cooled seats with high quality audio! The soft leather seats provide great comfort to all tired tourists.

As for style, we have plenty of cars available in different colors and models. Whether you want a simple Mercedes or a Stretch Limo, we are ready to serve your all needs! Our cars have latest designs and sumptuous looks, so get ready to leave an impression!

4. By Affordability:

We understand people tour on a budget. That’s why we encourage you to spend more on making memories and less on your ride! Our packages have very affordable rates starting at just $60 per hour! We give the perfect deal of style and affordability as our gift to tourists!

Best Tourism Spots in Orlando:

If you’re on a tour, chances are that you’ve done your research about the famous places of Orlando. But if you haven’t, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Not only are our chauffeurs expert drivers, but are equally excellent tour guides!

And if you’re thinking of going on a tour, you won’t be disappointed by the humble city! These are some of the pretty attractions:


  • Disney World:


Disney World is undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Orlando for children and adults alike! Not only is the theme park filled with rides and games from stories of beloved characters, but every object is customized to fit in the magical world.


  • Port Canaveral:


Port Canaveral has as much appeal as Disney World when it comes to tourism. Not only are there luxury cruises with casinos and dance halls, but there are high-end restaurants, fishing harbors and even camping points!


  • Universal Studios:


Another huge theme park with millions of visitors every year is Universal Studios. The park houses many theatrical shows, screens, rides, games and tourism spots. They have all the favorite shows; from Simpsons to Harry Potter and more!


  • Seaworld:


This watery heaven has hundreds of fun things to do. From dolphin and sea lion shows, to massive swings and rides, Seaworld has many appealing places! You can even dine close to the fish and pet unique animals!


  • Legoland:


Legoland is yet another marvelous theme park with plenty of rides, water park and fun lands where kids would feel like they are in a dream!


  • Downtown Orlando:


Downtown Orlando is the perfect tourism spot for adults; it’s one of the places that best represent Orlando’s nightlife! Downtown has nightclubs, bars and inspiring musical acts along with so much more!


  • WonderWorks:


WonderWorks is an indoor area with a large number of exhibits, virtual reality games, physical games, light & sound zone and space zones among other jaw-dropping activities. The rides and arena attracts thousands every month!

How to reserve an Orlando Limo:

Here at Orlando Airport Limo, we care about our customers’ ease. That is why we offer different methods of booking, so you can choose the suitable method for yourself!

We recommend you check out our Fleet and Pricing pages beforehand. Once you’re done, you can reserve a ride through either of these ways:

1. Booking through Call:

You can book yourself a luxurious limo through calling at our toll-free number 1-800-617-9590. The call operator will navigate you through the process and will have your ride booked in no time!

2. Online Reservation:

The fastest method to book a car is probably through online reservation on our webpage. Our website has a basic interface with all the necessary fields required for you to fill. The site divides the booking process in 3 simple steps:


  • Ride Info: In this step, you have to enter the essential details such as pickup time, location, date and venue. Here, you can pick “Tour” as the service type.
  • Vehicle Selection: Here is the part where you can either go through the entire fleet, or you can pick the car you had in mind from a very large range!
  • Final Details: Lastly, you have to give some basic information such as phone number, name and email address.


After you’re finished with the process, you can just relax and wait for your stylish Limo to pull up at the gates of your hotel and then tour around Orlando in all its glory!

3. Reservation by Email:

One final method is emailing us at info@orlandoairportlimousine.com, in which you can give all the details regarding your ride. Just wait for confirmation and go about your day as a tourist to one of the finest cities.

For queries:

Before you ask a question, we highly recommend you check out our FAQs page. If your questions remain unanswered, you can go to our Contact page or ring at our helpline 407-442-2777. The competent staff will surely never leave you disappointed!

Good Luck Booking and Enjoy Touring Orlando!

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