DrezoRooted in Phoenix and now based out of Los Angeles, producer/DJ Drezo is without a doubt on the rise to stardom. With countless mixes, remixes, and originals, Drezo is only getting started. Drezo was recently selected to perform an hour long set at EDC Orlando after winning the Insomniac Discovery Project for his original track “Peak.”


His humble but extremely determined attitude makes him one of the most fun artists to follow in the world of up-and-coming producers, which made us curious to find out more about what it’s like to be Drezo.


Just Noise to Me: What got you into producing? Was there one song or artist that made you want to start producing? 
Drezo: I was DJing for about a year locally in Arizona and knew I wasn’t going to stand out unless I started producing my own tunes. There wasn’t one particular artist, it was just the whole scene at the time that inspired me.


JNTM: Who are you favorite artists right now? EDM or not. 
Drezo: Nom De Strip, Gesaffelstein, Tony Junior, Sleepy Tom, and countless others. There are SO many amazing up-and-coming artists that people need to start focusing on.


JNTM: As genres come in and out of trending, where do you see the electronic movement moving towards?
Drezo: It’s really hard to say. People like what they like. And music, like fashion, is always changing. What’s popular today is dead in a month. Every genre is evolving in their own ways though and I think that’s the most exciting part.
JNTM: How would you describe your style of music in your own words?  
Drezo: The stuff I’ve put out the last year would probably be classified as big room, sawtooth, in-your-face shit. However, I’m sitting on a lot of new minimal electro/techno/funky tunes that I’m excited to get out to people. It’s a whole different side to my productions, and way more underground sounding.


JNTM: To you, what’s the most important part about being an independent artist on the rise? DrezoWhat are some of the biggest challenges? What’s the most enjoyable? Is there a mantra of yours you tell yourself to stay focused? 


Drezo: The most important part would be to stay humble. Keep working. I mean what else is there really? When people ask me for advice on how to achieve success, I simply tell them make good music. There’s no real secret. Work your ass off until you have the ability to make good tunes others will want to play.
JNTM: What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you’re doing? 
Drezo: Make music constantly. Work on music for 12 hours a day. Learn the history and past of the music you’re interested in. Oh, and keep making music.


JNTM: How have you grown as a producer since you first got started? 


Drezo: The creative process, or at least mine, is directly proportional to how well I know the tools to shape my craft. As one learns more in their DAW or whatever, creativity and inspiration start coming in waves, and the studio process can become very exciting. I try to learn something new every day, whether it be sound design or audio engineering. So as time goes on, things just gradually get better.


JNTM: What’s your favorite part about being an up-and-coming producer at what might as well be the height of EDM? 
Drezo: All of it, I appreciate everything that comes my way. It’s truly already been a blessing.
JNTM: What can we expect for Drezo as far as touring, another EP, remixes, etc? 
Drezo: All my tour dates and ticket info can be found on my Facebook, I will be opening for MAKJ, Mord Fustang, and Whiiite this September at various clubs around the US, as well as performing on The Groove Cruise LA which travels to Mexico. My new remix for Sex Panther was just released Monday on Beatport, and I have a LOT of new music coming out. Some will be free while others will be official releases. Stay updated and follow my Twitter/Facebook to keep up with everything.


JNTM: If you could have any job in the world besides DJing/Producing, what would it be and why?


Drezo: Probably a professional skateboarder. It’s the only thing I almost love as much as music.

To find out more about Drezo, check out the links below! 


Like Drezo on Facebookhttp://facebook.com/drezomusic
Listen to Drezo on Soundcloudhttp://soundcloud.com/drezomusic
Follow Drezo on Twitterhttp://twitter.com/drezomusic

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