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Sleepy Tom Vancouver native Sleepy Tom has been making huge waves in the EDM scene for the past few years. With some heavy-hitting remixes, including his “Set it Off” remix which appeared on Diplo’s Express Yourself Remix album, Sleepy Tom’s work has been featured in live sets of DJ’s like Felix CartalBotnek, and Zeds Dead.

His newest EP The Currency is a collection of tracks that break through the boundaries of genre labels and instill hope for EDM fans who have given up on the likelihood of anything original surfacing onto the scene.

We had a chance to ask Sleepy Tom a few questions about his musical influences, what it’s like working with A-Trak, and what’s in store for the future of electronic music.

Just Noise to MeWhat got you into producing?

Sleepy Tom: Music has always been a big interest of mine. I grew up playing guitar in rock bands and started writing songs at a pretty young age. My cousins had Reason on their computer, so I think that was my introduction to production. I’d just screw around with the drum machine in there and make loops.

It wasn’t really until 2008 that I really dove into it. I started listening to a lot more electronic music before then. Crystal Castles, MSTRKRFT, Justice etc. and when the whole remix culture blew up I was like, I think I could do this.

JNTMWho are your favorite artists right now? EDM or not.

ST: Miguel, Oliver, Cashmere Cat, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar.

JNTMAs a producer who isn’t really restricted to any specific genre, where do you see the electronic movement moving?

ST: Music with a little more grit and attitude. Less “shiny.” I hear a lot of the old rave elements coming back into dance music, which is tiiiiight.

JNTMWhat’s your favorite part about releasing your album on Fool’s Gold?

ST: Having been a fan of the label for several years makes it pretty special. They put so much love into every release they do. Nick [Catchdubs] and Alain [A-trak] picked through all my demos and chose whats on “The Currency.” Having them as filters has really helped me to focus in on what works in my productions and what makes them unique.

JNTMBeing from Vancouver, what can you tell us about the EDM scene in Canada?

ST: It’s big! You can see big name DJs on a weekly basis and BC has a bunch of great electronic music festivals during the summer. There’s always cool new producers popping up in Vancouver too.

JNTMWhat software do you prefer to use when producing? Abelton? Logic?

ST: Logic

JNTMWhat can we expect for Sleepy Tom as for as touring, another EP, remixes?

ST: I’ll be doing some touring in the fall. Not sure where yet, but it’s getting put together. I’ve got a bunch of remixes coming out this summer for some very cool artists. There will be another EP eventually…

JNTMJust for fun, if you weren’t a producer, what would your dream job be?

ST:  Basketball player. HOOP DREAMS!

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