Shintaro Yasuda

JNTM Exclusive: Just A Mix… Episode 01 ...

We here at JNTM are beyond excited to introduce a new series called Just A Mix… which will feature some of the best young talent from across the world. Every month… Read more

David Klemow

Say “Hi” To Dave.

If you are reading these words, I consider you a friend. Lets begin.  Hello friends, My name is David Klemow, I am a new contributor to the JustNoiseToMe team, and… Read more


Hiperact — Shadow Games [Free Download]

An unknown powerhouse of musical talent, Jackson “Hiperact” Taylor, has finally unloaded his first full-length album “Shadow Games” that’s been two years in the making. I’m especially stoked on this… Read more

banginclude zouk bass

Artist Spotlight: Banginclude

I don’t remember exactly how I came about finding Banginclude, but I do remember his music having an immediate impact on me. I remember being blown away by this combination… Read more


Artist Spotlight: Slumberjack

As the Australian EDM scene continues to blossom into what will soon be the next wave of dance music heard around the world, there are few groups and individuals who… Read more

Just Noise to Me

Welcome to the JNTM Team, Quinn!

Yes, the rumors are true! We have added yet another team member here at Just Noise To Me! Quinn ‘TurtleGravy’ Tucker will be our eyes and ears out in Venice,… Read more

Just Noise to Me

Welcome to the JNTM team, Zak!

Joining us from Flagstaff, Arizona, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Zak! Zak is a Junior at Norther Arizona University and when he’s not dancing his ass off at a show… Read more

Just Noise to Me

Welcome to the JNTM Team, Raffi!

We here at JNTM are very excited to welcome Raffi to the writer staff!  Raffi is a Los Angeles resident studying Computer Science at California State University, Northridge. When Raffi… Read more

Sleepy Tom

Artist Spotlight: Sleepy Tom

Vancouver native Sleepy Tom has been making huge waves in the EDM scene for the past few years. With some heavy-hitting remixes, including his “Set it Off” remix which appeared on… Read more