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Photo by BU
Photo by BU

One of the main problems for university students is finding nutritious food while studying and doing school activities. Due to high prices and fast pace of everyday life, students succumb to unhealthy, easy-to-prepare, and on-the-go foods. In the long run, relying on these types of foods can and will take a toll on their health.

Boston University (BU), one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States, ensures their students don’t experience this. Any BU dining hall offers meal plans to accommodate the needs of each student.

All in all, the university offers several services for the satisfaction of everyone. Here are the benefits of opting for a dining facility at Boston University.

  • Sustainability- By relying on green and eco-friendly sources, Boston University also improves the way of life inside its premises. The goal, for now, is to resource at least 25 of its food items from sustainable sources. It has a total egg consumption of about 190 tons annually, but American Humane society certifies that the sources are cage-free.
  • Meal Plans- Students living on-campus have the privilege of obtaining a meal plan. For those living outside of the school’s vicinity, BU gives them the option to avail plans depending on their preferences. They can opt for a traditional, apartment, or convenience points plan.
  • Gluten-Free Options- Health reasons or personal preferences sometimes make it difficult for students who don’t consume gluten in finding restaurants that can cater to their needs. A BU dining hall known as The Fresh Food Co. at West Campus offers a gluten-free ingredients station. Its pantries are also gluten-free. Diners are welcome daily for lunch and dinner.
  • Vegan or Vegetarian Choices- Every BU dining hall dedicates a vegan station for any course of the meal. It even gives students the freedom to create their vegan stir fry depending on their preference.
  • Late-Night Meals- Some students do tend to stay up to study or prepare for exams and other school activities. It’s quite convenient that they still have the option to eat at restaurants that are open until late at night. Some of these restaurants include Late Nite Café at the Warren Towers and West Campus, and Bay State Underground.
  • Engaging Events- BU spices up their menus by including food holidays. It might sound unusual to others, but the institution has Lobster Dinner (September), National Cookie Day, and Spicy Guacamole Day.
  • Interactive- BU encourages students or their relatives to submit new recipes for others to try. It would then be recommended to the resident chefs who review if it’s possible to replicate the dishes.

Student organizations also have the option to team up with the dining team of BU. Aside from promoting the students’ clubs, it’s also a medium to share experiences with one another.

With the wide array of food selections offered by BU, the diversity of its students can always find dining halls that can satisfy their taste buds. It’s also advised that individuals inform the University of any Allergies or diet ahead of time.


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