New Study Reveals Most Popular Food Days

Most of us LOVE food and it seems like each day is a day honoring something, such as National Pizza Day and including all the foods we love. So, what are the most popular food days around the world?

The Study

The study is a combination of data provided by Instagram hashtags along with Google search volume. With this data, we have been able to rank the most popular International and National food days across the world with our unique scoring system.

The Top 3 Winners

Ranking at over 300,000 each, National Ice Cream Day and National Pizza Day came in 2nd and 3rd as the most popular food days. This is no surprise since pizza is one of the most beloved foods in many countries around the world and ice cream is a favorite dessert by many as well.

But scoring almost double is the top winner, National Coffee Day, with a score of 611, 414. This just shows that coffee does indeed rule the entire world. It isn’t just popular in a few countries, this beverage is enjoyed all across the world, leaving almost no competition at all for favorite food day.

Other Winners Rounding Out the List

Breakfast is a pretty popular meal of the day, one that is enjoyed across the world, so coming in with a score of over 200,000 is National Pancake Tuesday, making it the most popular breakfast dish.

Taco Tuesday has become a popular day as well, but the great thing about tacos is they can be enjoyed any day! So it isn’t a surprise that National Taco Day ranked in the top 10.

Scoring almost 200,000, National Doughnut Day also ranked in the top 10. And scoring almost 100,000, National Burger Day is also a favorite across the world. This one was a little shocking that it ranked so high on the list. I know that people in America love their burgers, but I didn’t know it was such a popular dish across the world.

Bonus: Favorite National Food Days in the United States

In the United States, the top national food days include National Sandwich Day and of course National Ice Cream Day. But also in the top 10 ranked National Eat a Peach Day and National Eat a Red Apple Day. This was a little bit of a shock to me, but I love to see healthy options in the top 10.


By Sam

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