Here Are A Few Things Every Event Planner Needs To Know About Choosing Where To Host Events

Planning out large scale events is crucial and deciding what venue to go with is one of the most important factors. Here are a list of things to consider when choosing the right venue for your event.

Leave Room for Changes and Mistakes

If you have a recently failed plan, consider what went wrong and what changes can be done to ensure a successful event. Consider making a time schedule that allows for extra time. It is always good to over estimate the amount of time necessary for larger events like big scale parties and weddings. It doesn’t have to be a schedule that whole-heartedly bottomed out – feel free to pick something simple that has fewer negative consequences.

As such, you need to learn a few things about selecting the best event venues NYC has to offer. Given that you pay close attention, regularly attempt to apply these principles and ideologies to real-life situations, and give it your all, you’ll end up a better event planner in the long run.

What is the dress code for guests?

Assume that you want to rent a ballroom in an upscale building in the heart of New York City. Further, assume that the area is in one of the most consistently busy spots in all of the Big Apple. In other words, your guests aren’t going to be able to parallel park on the sides of roads within a few miles of the event’s location.

Let’s say that you ask your guests to park their vehicles in a large, tall parking garage roughly a mile-and-a-half from the location that the formal event is being held at. People dressed in hot suits and high heels to formal events, aren’t going to be happy after walking many hundreds of steps from their parking spots to the building that your event is going to be carried out at. It’s easy to imagine a scenario in which many of your guests would be upset that you weren’t able to accommodate them with better parking spots.

In summary, make sure to secure an event location that is within a reasonable walking distance from wherever your guests park at. Consider what transportation, parking, and distances are required for guests to travel and what can be done to make the commute easier.

Book the right size venue

Assume that you scope out and pay for a venue that you think your guests will fall in love with. However, instead of them being happy with the venue that you chose for your event, they become less enthusiastic about being present at your event because it is far too large, effectively throwing the vibes of the event off-kilter.

If you aren’t sure of roughly what size venue you need for your event, seek help from a professional event planner. This is particularly true if the event that you’re hosting is being thrown to celebrate a very special occasion. It’s crucial to have an accurate estimate of how many guests will be attending the event.

What facilities, services, and amenities are available?

Many events are catered by top-notch catering services providers. If you want the event’s food to be served fresh, you’ll need to make sure that the event location comes equipped with the proper facilities to allow the catering staff to prepare the food you ordered on-site at the event.

While some venues have staff ready to cater food at the event, others require hiring and staffing to be done by the host.

Also, be sure to think about any guests you might invite that are disabled. Always make sure to secure plenty of facilities and services ahead of time. It’s better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them.


By Tyler